2024 Changsha Urban Sports High School Entrance Examination: Physical Education Test Update

At the test center of Changjun Bilingual Experimental Middle School, candidates take the physical education test.

Red Net Moment News April 16(Reporter He Weiling, Correspondent Deng Qiong) On April 16, the 2024 Changsha Urban Sports High School Entrance Examination started. This year, there are 60,298 reference students in the urban area, 4,311 more than in 2023, and a total of 133 schools are referenced. Different from last year, according to the relevant requirements of the Provincial Department of Education, the endurance running event will be resumed in the 2024 physical education high school entrance examination, and the boys’ 1000-meter run and the girls’ 800-meter run will continue to be implemented. The scoring standards will remain the same as in 2022.

In response to heavy rain, schools at each test center have built rain shelters. After entering the test center, candidates can reach the test venue without holding an umbrella to avoid slipping, getting wet, etc., and ensure that candidates take the test in the best condition. At the same time, during the exam period, the Municipal Education Bureau also coordinated the city’s 120 emergency center, with medical staff on duty at the endurance running venues in the four test sites. The schools at the test sites will also arrange for two professional emergency rescue personnel to carry AEDs (external defibrillators) on duty every day. .

There are 5 test sites for this physical education high school entrance examination, namely Changsha Experimental Middle School, Changjun Xiangfu Middle School, Changjun Bilingual Experimental School, Changjun Zebra Lake Middle School in Wangcheng District, and Changjun Meixihu Middle School (swimming test site).

The 2024 Physical Education High School Entrance Examination projects are divided into three categories, including one of four quality-based projects worth 10 points (pull-ups (men) or one-minute sit-ups (women), medicine ball, standing long jump, and one-minute rope skipping). ); choose one of four skill-based events, worth 15 points (basketball dribbling, football dribbling, volleyball upward push, 200-meter swimming); endurance running events, worth 15 points (men’s 1000-meter run, women’s 800-meter run ). The exam lasts until April 28th.

In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination, the 208 testers for this examination were all selected from the tester pool by the Discipline Inspection Committee of the Education Bureau and were composed of outstanding physical education teachers from various schools. Testers have undergone rigorous theoretical training and field instrument operation training, aiming to create a fair and just examination environment for students and help them perform at their best.

In terms of logistical support, schools at test sites have formulated emergency plans for various emergencies and severe weather. Jiang Weiping, deputy director of the test center of Changjun Bilingual Experimental Middle School, said that after the test started in the morning, there were several sudden heavy rains, and the outdoor endurance running test items were temporarily suspended. Candidates waited in the waiting area until the rain stopped before continuing the test. In order to prevent the candidates from catching cold after being exposed to the rain, the examination center prepared ginger tea for the candidates to keep out the cold. In case of rain, the test center has prepared cleaning materials and will promptly clean up the water on the track to prevent candidates from slipping. Rags and kitchen paper will also be prepared in advance to keep candidates’ soles dry and to perform normally.

Source: Red Net

Author: He Weiling and Deng Qiong

Editor: Han Yang

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