Women’s football comes into action at the MIC

The MIC gave the start to the edition today female of the tournament this Thursday morning. From today until Saturday March 30, 8 international teams will compete in Girona, Breda, Lloret de Mar i Palamós to rise with the trophy.

The female teams participating in this edition are of the cadet and youth category (F19) and are divided into two groups. Group A is made up of the Andorra national team, FC Central Los Angeles from the United States, Vic Riuprimer Refo FC and UE Breda. In group B there are CD Fontsanta Fatjó, English SGA Liverpool, FE Grama and Santa CF.

The first phase is played between today and tomorrow at camp of Fontajau (Girona) and al Municipality of Breda. The consolation phase will be held on Saturday, the semi-finals in Girona, while the final will take place in Lloret de Mar from four in the afternoon (4 p.m.). The final phase, which will serve to determine who is the winner of this category, will be divided between the fields of Fontajau (semifinals) i Palamós (end). The title match will start at 19:45 hours.

An action from a match of the last edition of MICFootball / MIC

Espanyol, the great dominator with 6 titles

Since 2001, the MIC has had women’s football matches. The Vallecano Ray he was the champion of the first edition, but he is the RCD Espanyol the one who has won the championship the most times: it has won up to six times, the last of them in 2022. The Manu Lanzarote was the champion of the last edition.

Other teams like Paris Saint-Germain, UD Levante, Club Atlético de Madrid or EU l’Estartit they have also raised the title throughout history. In the first editions he got to play the mythical Marigol and in recent years top-level players such as the Catalans have participated Laia Codina, Clàudia Pina, Jana Fernández and Bruna Vilamalaas well as the French one Sandy Baltimore (PSG).

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