Victor Wembanyama Leads Pacers to Victory with Stellar Performance

“It’s getting a lot better. His confidence is growing and he is playing really well,” Tyresse Halliburton commented on Victor Wembanyama after the Indiana Pacers fell in San Antonio 117-105. It is the second consecutive victory for the Spurs. Will there be a third? It would be the first time all season they have achieved it (they play tomorrow in Houston). The truth is that if it depends on Wembanyama there are serious options for him to arrive, because the Frenchman is at a tremendous level. The highest since he debuted in the NBA last October.

He scored 31 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists and 6 blocks for the Pacers and became the third rookie in history to achieve a game of at least 30 points, 5 basket passes and 5 blocks. The previous two are the other two great interior legends of the Texan franchise: David Robinson, who did it twice in his debut year, and Tim Duncan, once. But that is the mirror in which Wemby looks at himself, the level that he has to aspire to reach as an NBA player, both individually and as a team. That’s what the Spurs drafted him for, so he can be the new Robinson or, better yet, the new Duncan.

The Pacers, the highest scoring team in the League, stayed at 105 points, which speaks well of the Spurs in general. Lately they look more like a serious and professional team, within the level they have (they are still bottom of the West). The Pacers had two comeback attempts, the first in the second quarter, when they took the lead on the scoreboard for the first time (54-55) after recovering from a 12-point deficit. The second, in the middle of the last quarter (97-98) after a 1-13 partial in their favor. In both cases, Wembanyama was the cornerstone on which his team rose, he once again took command of the match and, in the second case, he sealed the match. In the last four minutes, with the game tied, the Frenchman scored 6 points, grabbed 3 rebounds and made 1 block.

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