The Mysterious Exit of Marco Maddaloni from Big Brother: A Yellow Turn of Events

The Mysterious Exit of Marco Maddaloni from Big Brother: A Yellow Turn of Events

The momentary exit from Big Brother of Marco Maddaloni begins to take on yellow tones. The athlete left the Cinecittà house immediately after the live evening broadcast on Wednesday but, despite the official communication from the production, the reasons for his exit are shrouded in mystery. Marco Maddaloni crossed the red door of the House on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, immediately after the evening episode.

Temporary exit from the house

In the official press release there is talk of a temporary exit “for personal reasons” but there are many theories on the web as to why the two-time European judo champion abandoned the broadcast and they do not concern his health, as in the case of Giuseppe Garibaldi. On social media the public went wild with hypotheses: some hypothesized that Maddaloni’s father had some problems, while others spoke of a “recall” from his wife due to some of Marco’s attitudes in the House. In reality what happened within the walls of the loft of the Big Brothershortly before Maddaloni’s exit is explained in the dynamics of Wednesday’s episode.

What happened in the episode

Most of the contestants in the game have been imprisoned in the House for six months now. Marco Maddaloni and other tenants joined Big Brother in November, but for everyone the forced stay on the show is starting to get tough. During the last evening live broadcast Alfonso Signorini informed the gieffini that the program will continue until the end March and many of those present did not welcome the news with joy and Marco Maddaloni was among the most critical. “I don’t want to disrespect anyone, especially those people who are here and who maybe have been here in the game for at least two months longer than me, but I’m tired“, the athlete made his debut live, continuing: “Honestly, I’ve arrived a bit, I’m telling you the truth. Alfonso, make a video call to my son Pino. Get the phone number from production“.

Why Maddaloni left

At the end of the episode, according to what was reported by the users who followed the nightly live broadcast from the house, the judoka asked to speak with the authors in confessional but he never left the room again. It was Greta who noticed her absence, who saw Federico enter the confessional without Marco coming out, so she confronted the other tenants of the house and Beatrice revealed: “He asked to read the contract“. Whether Marco Maddaloni will return home is not clear, but on social media someone is ready to bet that, to avoid penalties, the judoka will return in the next few hours.

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