the ‘beast’ warns Dreamland Gran Canaria for the Canary derby

The proximity of the Canary Islands derby of the Endesa League, which will be held next Sunday (12:00 p.m.) at the Santiago Martín Pavilion in Laguneroseems to have whetted the already voracious appetite of Gio Shermadini. The Georgian giant Lenovo TenerifeOn the last day, he won a new weekly MVP after winning against MoraBanc Andorra, in his best game of the season, 37 digits of valuation, contributing a whopping 23 points and 10 rebounds to the aurinegra cause.

This new award makes him the player with the most weekly MVPs in the history of the ACB. With a total of 20, surpasses the 19 of two historical figures like Arvydas Sabonis and Lou Roe. A little further away are the 17 of Bernard Hopkins (formerly of Granca) and Felipe Reyes, the 14 of Darryl Middleton or the 13 of Tanoka Beard, Curtis Borchardt, Marc Gasol and Rudy Fernández, the only active player who continues to fight in the league tournament with Gio.

The stratospheric figure achieved by the Georgian interior shows the dependence that the Tenerife community has on it. The game of Vidorreta’s team depends a lot on his inspiration and the magical connection he has with his teammate Marcelinho Huertas. This duo is the main headache for the Dreamland Gran Canaria in clashes of regional rivalry, games that the yellows have been struggling with in recent times.

Shermadini became one of those responsible for the defeat suffered by Granca at home in the first roundin a game that had to be decided in overtime and in which the Georgian with a rating of 33 (24 points, six rebounds and one assist) emerged as the MVP of the match, surpassing his rival by a single rating credit. former teammate Nico Brussino, who led the local attack.

The Dreamland Gran Canaria coach is clear that he does not have any player on his team who, by himself, is capable of stopping the team. beast Lenovo Tenerife. The center’s variety of offensive resources make him an almost impossible player to defend one-on-one.

The solution is to avoid, as far as possible, receiving in the area, where it is lethal, and using solidarity and teamwork to minimize its impact on the game.. The Slovenian coach’s concern is perfectly understandable, since the Georgian’s influence on the collective game of the Laguneros is not new, but has been taking place since his arrival at the ACB and especially in Tenerife. Over there, In five seasons defending the Canary Islands shirt, he has an average rating in his direct confrontations with Granca of 27.7, with an average contribution in the derbies against his Claretian neighbors of 20.13 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.9 assists.

A lot at stake

Granca’s defeat on Saturday in their visit to BAXI Manresa adds a certain extra dose of need for the yellows in the regional rivalry clashin order to secure your place Playoff against a Lenovo that has taken the measure. Dreamland has not won Lenovo since matchday 26 of the 2021-22 season, although on that occasion the match took place in the Arena with Porfi Fisac ​​at the controls (89-77), despite Shermadini’s rating of 29 (23 points ).

It is further away the last victory in Tenerife for the yellows, which dates back to matchday 22 of 2018-19 (86-90) with Víctor García leading the bench and without the Shermadini-Huertas duo in the team led by Txus Vidorreta.

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