Double-legged Idaho football player aims for 2024 NFL Draft

The Idaho product, who kicks field goals with one leg and punts with the other, hopes to be drafted in the 2024 NFL Draft

Ricardo Chavezis one of the most intriguing prospects for the 2024 NFL Drafta placekicker and punter for the Idaho Vandals from Big Sky Conference in the FCS from NCAA. Chavez He has the particularity of executing his field goals and kickoffs with his right leg and punts with his left foot, something that began as a goalkeeper in the academies of Chivas and the L.A. Galaxy.

Football is something I did as a child, the only sport I played from 4 to 17-18 years old, I was a goalkeeper, although I played in all positions, midfield, defense, forward, but my main position was goalkeeper. ”.

Ricardo Chávez has the particularity of executing field goals and kickoffs with his right leg, and punts with his left foot. ESPN

Right under the three sticks was where the California native learned to use both legs:

“For me it was natural as a goalkeeper, all my kicks on the ground were with my right and all my clearances in the air were with my left. And when I started playing football it was natural for me to punt with my left leg.”

The first sporting love of Ricardo For soccer, he comes from his family, originally from Mexico, his father from Michoacán and his mother from Zacatecas, all great fans of the Chivaswhere he confesses that one of his main references was Luis Ernesto Michelgoalkeeper of Guadalajara between 2006 and 2013.

“I had a couple of uncles who lived next door to us and we always got together to make barbecues, especially to see the Classics [América vs Chivas] with food and chips, and all the Mexican traditions, it was very fun.”

Even though you have visited Guadalajara, Ricardo He has never had the opportunity to go to a red and white team game.

“I’ve always wanted to go to a football game. Chivas, but I have never been able to; I know that atmosphere is crazy and I want to experience it one day.”

Despite his great love for football, in his last years of high school, Ricardo turned toward American football and has followed that path ever since, one that he hopes will lead him to a team in the NFL.

“It was upon arriving at a high school in Reno Valley, California, when my American football career began. I still played soccer for the team but it wasn’t something I loved anymore, it was football. [americano] and the world of being a kicker where I felt that love again, and I put all my potential there and decided I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.”

The Mexican-American kicker is willing to take his talent to any team in the league. NFLeither in both positions, or where they see the greatest potential:

“You don’t see it much in the NFL someone who does both, but being able to do it with both legs is an advantage for me, but I’m all for whatever a team sees me as, whether it’s as a placekicker, or as a punter; give everything. For me, field goals are something I put a lot of effort and time into. Punting was something I learned later, when I was a sophomore player in college. I was able to learn it very quickly, and I did it to open up more opportunities for myself and open more doors. So whatever a team wants, that’s what I’ll do.”

Ricardo find inspiration in Rigoberto Sanchezpunter of the Indianapolis Colts who, like him, was born in the United States, but has Mexican blood: “He is someone who shows me the way to follow and see how he takes his game to the next level.”

Los Idaho Vandals They will have their pro day on March 27. Over there, Ricardo and other university prospects will be able to show their talent to the viewers of the NFL.

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