Storm Brewing: Fabrizio Romano at the Center of Controversy with FC Copenhagen (Photo: Reuters)

Fabrizio in the center of the storm for a publication about FC Copenhagen (Photo: Reuters)

Every time a transfer market starts, football fans keep an eye on Fabrizio Romano’s social networks. The Italian journalist has gained credibility in recent years with his scoops and positioned himself as a reliable source for those who want to be up to date on player transfers. However, a specific case raised suspicions from Denmark and a legal battle is about to begin between the influencer against a renowned news site.

The origin of the conflict is a publication by the native of Naples on his X account. “Roony Bardghji, strange case for one of the best talents in Europe. From being top scorer with 10 goals for Copenhagen to… zero minutes in the first games of 2024. The reason is that Bardghji has no intention of signing a new long-term contract: starting in the summer, he will only have 18 months left on his contract and several important clubs will follow him,” he wrote about the situation of the Swedish forward.

The response from Denmark did not take long to arrive and the media Tipsbladet attacked the journalist with three different articles. The site confirmed that it communicated directly with the club and from the offices they denied Romano’s information: “he has nothing. As always, the FC Copenhagen team will be selected solely based on sporting considerations.”

A few hours later, a new article appeared but with the intention of dismantling an alleged business that Fabrizio was hiding. “Tipsbladet has seen documentation of how it tries to reach agreements with clubs, also Danish, regarding advertising,” the page recited. Under the signature of Ole Hoffskov and in a conversation with Troels Bager Thogersen, an attempt was made to explain how the influencer would move behind the scenes: “I just have to say that he often runs errands for agents and gets his information from there.”

The situation of the Swedish striker opened a conflict between Fabrizio Romano and a Danish news site (Photo: Reuters)

Next, the Nordic media told what would be some of the methodologies that Romano applies. “It tells us a lot that the company behind it is apparently trying to partner with clubs. So you have to take what he thinks of with caution, because he may say it with a commercial intention,” the article recited. And the Italian received a harsh accusation from a colleague: “That is not journalism. It’s a business in which both clubs and agents ultimately have to pay for advertising, and that doesn’t work, at least not in journalism. And I think we need to remember that in this case: that what should appear to be journalism may actually be driven by purely commercial interests.”

In the third note it was Ken Jensen, head of news at Tipsbladet, who took charge of the information and once again attacked the Neapolitan for the case of Roony Bardghji in Copenhagen. “I don’t know what kind of person it is that can come out with news like that. He hasn’t told us that and I don’t know where he got it from. He has created a great image, has many followers and a great business. But maybe you could try to dive into it and see how it goes,” he wrote after chatting with the sporting director of the Danish champion team, Peter Christiansen.

Meanwhile, the As site detailed that the business would be done through an organization called Memmo to offer the advertising service for soccer players. “This intermediary company approached Valerenga offering exposure on Romano’s ‘channels’ with rates such as $1,000 for a post on their social networks and up to $6,000 for a video,” the Spanish media explained. It should be noted that Fabrizio currently has 27.2 million followers on Instagram and 20 million on his X account.

The Italian journalist preferred to remain silent, rejected an interview request that came from Tipsbladet and would be ready to start a court battle against the Danish website. “He considers that the accusation lacks any veracity and will take legal action,” reported As about the next step of the conflict.

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