South Chungcheong Province Launches Drone Pilot Training Course ‘Drone Dream’ for Out-of-School Youth until August

Until August, 100 people aged 14 to 24, 10 people per class, for a total of 10 classes.

In order to help out-of-school youth smoothly enter society, South Chungcheong Province, together with the Provincial Office of Education, will operate ‘Drone Dream’, a drone pilot training course, until August.

South Chungcheong Province announced on the 31st that it will operate the drone pilot training course ‘Drone Dream’ with the Provincial Office of Education as a career exploration and certification acquisition support project to help out-of-school youth smoothly enter society.

This project was designed to provide out-of-school youth with opportunities to strengthen their broad employment capabilities as the drone industry grows into a promising future industry with a growing market size.

The drone pilot training course will not only support participating students in obtaining certifications, but will also help them form healthy values ​​through a relationship-building program and special lectures on leadership at Hanseo University.

The target of participation is 100 out-of-school youth aged 14 to 24 in the province, with a total of 10 sessions of 10 participants per session.

Starting from the first period of March and running until the end of August, applications are accepted on a regular basis at each city/county Dream Center (out-of-school youth support center).

All costs, including required courses required to obtain certification, accommodation, meals, and transportation, will be supported, and 10 outstanding young people from among those who have obtained four types of certification will be separately selected to obtain a type 1 certification.

A total budget of 200 million won, including 100 million won from the provincial government and 100 million won from the provincial office of education, will be invested in this out-of-school youth drone pilot training course.

Jong-gyu Lee, Provincial Gender Equality and Family Policy Director, said, “The drone pilot training course will be a great help in strengthening out-of-school youth’s employment capabilities in future industries,” and added, “We need to provide new programs tailored to their level so that out-of-school youth do not fall behind in the developing modern society.” “We will continue to discover projects and collaborate with the Office of Education to provide full support,” he said.

Meanwhile, starting this year, the province is actively supporting out-of-school youth to keep pace with the development of future industries by securing additional funding for cooperation projects with educational offices.

About 1,200 badminton club members from South Chungcheong Province hold a unity festival in Cheongyang

South Chungcheong Province Governor Kim Tae-heum is giving congratulatory remarks at the ‘8th Chungnam Association Janggi Badminton Tournament’ held at the Cheongyang-gun Citizen’s Residence Center on the 30th and 31st.

The ‘8th Chungnam Association Janggi Badminton Competition’, a festival to unite badminton lovers in South Chungcheong Province, opened spectacularly at the Gunmin Gymnasium in Cheongyang-gun from the 30th to the 31st.

In this competition, which is hosted and hosted by the Chungnam Badminton Association and the Cheongyang-gun Badminton Association and will be held for two days until the 31st, over 1,200 badminton enthusiasts from 400 teams and 15 cities and counties will participate in a ‘shuttlecock feast’.

At the opening ceremony on this day, Governor Kim Tae-heum, Cheongyang-gun Mayor Kim Don-gon, Provincial Sports Council President Kim Young-beom, Korea Badminton Association President Kim Taek-gyu, Chungnam Association President Park Byeong-un, and Cheongyang-gun Association President Kim Hyun-joong attended the event and encouraged the players and officials.

At this event, Governor Kim said, “Badminton, the national sport, has a large number of enthusiasts, and I understand that it is operated through the most systematic system called ‘Sponet,’” and added, “Like badminton, we provide recreational sports so that all residents can enjoy sports in their daily lives.” “We will build a foundation,” he said.

He then cheered, “I hope that all the players representing the city and county will share their passion and spirit with each other in the shuttlecocks coming and going, and that they will return to their daily lives healthy and without injury.”

Commencement of basic survey and detailed design for District 3 of Chungnam rural water development project

Panoramic view of Chungnam Provincial Office.

South Chungcheong Province announced on the 31st that it will begin basic survey and detailed design for three districts in the province selected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs as the target site for the rural water development project.

Through this project, the province plans to resolve the persistent drought problem in the region, which suffered a severe water shortage in June 2012 when 557 reservoirs, or 60% of the 931 reservoirs in the province, ran dry due to the first severe drought in 104 years.

In addition, we plan to establish a generalized water supply system for rice fields to facilitate the cultivation of various crops other than rice in response to changes in agriculture, rural areas, and agricultural production base conditions.

For the multi-purpose rural water development project, 47.1 billion won of national funds will be invested in the Gongju Tanji District (beneficiary area of ​​209 ha) to expand agricultural infrastructure, including two pumping stations, 10.6 km of water channels, and 40.8 km of irrigation channels.

As part of the project to build a water supply system for general use in rice fields, 45.5 billion won in national funds will be spent in Cheongyang Cheongnam District (beneficiary area of ​​678 ha) to expand agricultural infrastructure, including one pumping station, one water purification facility, and 58.8km of irrigation channels.

In addition, 34.5 billion won of national funds will be invested in the Buyeo district (beneficiary area of ​​527 ha) to increase agricultural infrastructure, including one pumping station, one water purification facility, and 40km of waterways.

The province will begin detailed design for the Gongju Tanji district and Cheongyang Cheongnam district, and begin basic surveys for the Buyeo district project.

Chungnam Techno Park promotes comprehensive support project for car parts companies to transition to future cars

South Chungcheong Province announced on the 31st that it will promote the ‘2024 Future Vehicle Transition Comprehensive Support Project’ to successfully transition to future vehicles by strengthening the linkage and cooperation system of automobile parts companies in the province and intensively nurturing future vehicle parts.

Targets of support are companies wishing to convert to future vehicles with headquarters, business sites, branches, and research centers located in the region, and support is provided for small group operations of △future vehicle conversion package △research and development (R&D) task planning.

The future car conversion package supports prototype production, prior art research (patent), and certification for the automobile parts industry and related forward and backward companies, as well as technical difficulties consultation, funding support, and future car talent matching. The subsidy is up to 1,700 per company. It’s 10,000 won.

R&D task planning small group operation matches technology experts one-on-one with companies lacking research and development capabilities and supports them to grow into small but strong companies through periodic network operation. Each group can receive up to 2 million won in support.

To apply, you can send documents by e-mail ([email protected]) by the 12th and then visit the Chungnam Techno Park Automobile Center in person or submit the original documents by mail. For more information, please contact the Business Operations Team (041-331-8010).

A provincial official said, “We will build a system to support the successful transition of automobile parts industry-related companies in the province to future vehicles so that they can find future jobs on their own.” He added, “Through this, the province’s automobile parts industry-related companies will have domestic and international competitiveness and become a small and medium-sized powerhouse.” “We will continue to support you so that you can take a leap forward as a company,” he said.

Chungcheongnam-do is ranked 3rd in terms of support for movie and drama filming, after Seoul and Busan.

OTT drama ‘Boys’ Generation’, a 2023 Chungcheongnam-do incentive production support work. Provided by South Chungcheong Province

Last year, South Chungcheong Province ranked third in the nation in the number of days supported for filming video content such as movies and dramas.

According to the provincial government on the 31st, as a result of analyzing the ‘2023 Korean Film Industry Settlement’ data released by the Korean Film Council in February, South Chungcheong Province ranked second after Seoul (798 days) and Busan (728 days) in the number of filming support days by region. It was counted as 462 days.

Following Chungnam, Jeonju had 454 days, Jeju 408 days, Incheon 358 days, Gyeonggi 327 days, Gangwon 311 days, Jeonnam 168 days, Chungbuk (Jecheon, Cheongju) 161 days, Daejeon 105 days, and Gyeongnam 9 days.

The statistics are based on works supported for filming by the Film Committee operating in 13 regions across the country, with a total of 769 works and 4289 days of filming support.

The number of filming support days by region is a number that indicates how long filming actually took place, and can be used to directly or indirectly understand the economic ripple effect created by filming personnel staying in the region and the virtuous cycle of the local economy. It is becoming.

Even though the number of video content productions in South Chungcheong Province has been decreasing due to the impact of COVID-19 since 2019, the number of days has more than doubled to 462 days last year, following 117 days in 2020, 162 days in 2021, and 207 days in 2022, which is the number in 2019 before the outbreak of COVID-19. This is a significant increase compared to 334 cases.

The province believes that this result was achieved by supporting collaboration with local governments for location scouting and filming of various video products such as movies and dramas in the province through the Chungnam Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency, an affiliated organization.

Last year, in order to attract the filming of large-scale video content works at home and abroad, various efforts were made, such as promoting filming locations in the province, operating promotional halls such as international film festivals, providing guidance on production support projects, and establishing a virtual location archive.

Through this, △OTT drama ‘Boys’ Generation’ (Boryeong, Seosan, Hongseong, Cheongyang) △MBC drama ‘Lovers’ (Boryeong, Buyeo, Taean, Seosan) △ENA drama ‘Kidnapping’ We have supported the production of excellent content such as ‘Nal’ (Cheonan and Taean).

‘Visiting Cultural Activities’ Contest Project This Year’s 66 Final Selection

South Chungcheong Province finally selected a total of 66 works through the ‘2024 Visiting Cultural Activities’ contest.

South Chungcheong Province announced on the 31st that it had finally selected a total of 66 works through the ‘2024 Visiting Cultural Activities’ contest.

Visiting cultural activities to expand opportunities for residents to enjoy culture and resolve cultural gaps are projects that carry out performances for areas and classes that are underprivileged in the arts and culture.

Last January, the province received applications for contests in five fields: tea garden and entertainment, traditional arts, dance, music, and theater, and a total of 149 applications were received.

The judges, appointed as experts in each field, selected 22 tea and entertainment, 14 traditional arts, 4 dance, 17 music, and 9 plays through written, photo, and video review.

The province will invest 460 million won to support project costs of 6.5 to 10 million won per work, and plans to provide subsidies within next month to fully implement the cultural activity performance project.

Chungnam Culture and Tourism Foundation, open contest for ‘Support for art education for the disabled’ until the 8th of next month


Applications for the ‘Support for Art Education for the Disabled’ contest in South Chungcheong Province will be accepted until April 8th.

This contest, promoted by South Chungcheong Province and the Chungnam Culture and Tourism Foundation, is a project to support the operation of art education institutions for the disabled and provide creative and rental fees to disabled artists (groups).

Organizations eligible for support must be located within the province, operate a base space for arts activities for the disabled on a regular basis, and provide arts education for the disabled.

The amount of support is up to 60 million won per institution in three fields: theater, dance, and music.

Creative support provides up to 5 million won for individuals and up to 20 million won for groups in each field, including performance, visual arts, literature, and tea, to encourage creative and presentation activities of disabled artists and organizations living in the province.

To create a stable foundation for artistic creation, disabled artists can apply for a subsidy of up to 80% of the monthly rent for up to 8 months per place, up to a maximum of 3 million won. Applications can be made through e-Nara Help (

A provincial official said, “Based on the art experience of the disabled, we will seek ways to implement a practical incubation system that can discover and nurture potential disabled artists,” and added, “We will do our best to revitalize the disabled arts in Chungcheongnam-do.”

Establishment and operation of a new dedicated organization to lead the end of dog meat consumption

South Chungcheong Province is forming and operating a new organization that will take the lead in ending dog meat consumption in connection with government policy.

The province announced on the 31st that it will operate a ‘Dog Eating End Promotion Team’ to smoothly promote the provisions of the law following the promulgation of the ‘Special Act on the End of Dogs’ Breeding, Slaughter and Distribution for the Purpose of Dog Eating’ last month.

With the goal of ending dog meat consumption within the current government’s term, the promotion team plans to coordinate overall matters from the stage of receiving and reviewing reports of business facts to follow-up management, such as checking and supporting the progress of each establishment’s business relocation and closure implementation plan.

In accordance with the Special Act on Dogs for Eating Dogs, the new operation of dog breeding farms, slaughter, distribution, and sales facilities for the purpose of human consumption is prohibited.

Dog breeding farms operating before the date of promulgation of the law should be handled by city/county livestock related departments, slaughter and distribution businesses (dog meat distribution businesses) should be handled by city/county livestock farming and animal quarantine (livestock product hygiene) related departments, and food hospitality and distribution businesses (food products made from dog meat). ) must submit an operation report to the city/county food hygiene department by May 7th and an implementation plan for business relocation or closure by August 5th.

In particular, if the report is not submitted by May 7, government support cannot be received, so related workers must report within the period.

A provincial official said, “There was a blind spot in matters related to dog meat consumption as there was no clear basis for application and enforcement of the law, but this year, with the enforcement of the Special Act on Ending Dog Eating, it was brought into the institutional sphere,” adding, “With the formation of the Dog Eating End Promotion Team, “We will pursue this in line with government policy through collaboration between departments,” he said.


Tae-Heum Kim, Governor of South Chungcheong Provincewill attend the Chungcheongnam-do-China local government exchange meeting held at Splast Resom on April 1 at 2 p.m.

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