Solving Grayson Allen’s Contract Dilemma: A New Challenge for the Phoenix Suns

While the pharaonic project of the Big Three falters, the Suns must solve another problem that has been thrown at them, in this case with Grayson Allen as the protagonist.

As reported by Duane Rankin of The Arizona RepublicPhoenix must decide whether to keep him guard long-term through an extension or if, on the contrary, he chooses to let him become a free agent for next June.

If they choose the option of retaining him, starting tomorrow they can sign him a contract that can reach up to four years and 75 million dollars. It does not seem like an excessive expense, but if the first of these courses were worth 16.4 million, in terms of the luxury tax those in Arizona would have to add between 65 and 70 million more to the bill for 2023-24… Knowing all this, the player prefers to focus on what he must do on the hardwood.

«I try not to think about it too much. First, because it won’t be a done deal until it is signed. You don’t want to count on anything before it happens. Another issue is that we are in March and we have 11 or 10 games left. We’re getting to a point where you don’t want to have things like that on your mind because it’s an individual goal for me and right now, it’s the Suns and the team stuff that matters. “I don’t want to think too much about that kind of thing,” he says.

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The truth is that the development of the course is not being too rosy for the Suns. Ending March they are in eighth place in the Western Conference with 42-30; that is, very far from expectations. It seems difficult for them to make a significant financial bet before seeing how the season ends.

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