Resilient Portland Trail Blazers Defeat Atlanta Hawks in a Nail-Biter

Los Portland Trail Blazers They have been evicted for many weeks now in a season to forget. Are penultimate in the Western Conference (19-46), but from time to time they give themselves a joy. It was in the victory against the Atlanta Hawks (106-102), the fourth they have achieved in the last 10 games after having lost the last four and that complicates life for the Hawks, who are playing to be in the Play-In.

The victory in itself was already gratifying for resigned Blazers fansand especially the way it was produced, with a stellar performance by two of its players. Anfernee Simons He scored 36 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. AND DeAndre Ayton He scored 33 points (15/10 tc), 19 rebounds, one assist, one steal and one block. Between them they added 69 points and 26 rebounds to put the counterpoint to unstoppable Dejounte Murrayauthor of 40 points (15/29 tc, 6/13 t3 and 4/5 tl), 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and a block.

So that victory does not escape Chauncey Billupscoach of the Blazers, had to squeeze Simons (43 minutes), and Ayton (41). The pivot, whom the most optimistic nickname ‘DominAyton’ He is in the best moment of the season. In fact, He has averaged 25 points and 16 rebounds on 64% shooting from the field in the last five games.

Not only is my role on this team, but I do much more. And that’s where I am. I’m more dominant… Whether I’m the bad guy or not, I’m trying to be cool

DeAndre Ayton (Blazers Player)

“Coming to these games, I try to do everything,” he said. Ayton. “Not only is it my requirement, my role on this team, but I do much more. And that’s where I am. “I’m more dominant.”, he stated proud of his production. that he stuck out his chest and vindicated himself after his great performance: “Whether I’m the bad guy or not, I’m trying to be cool. I’m trying to be a winner in this league. “I’m trying to be known as that guy,” he said.“If you are around me you will learn to win.”

It was a major setback for the Hawkswhich apart from Deounte Murray were driven by Clint Capela (13+14), but the contribution of both, very alone in their team with Bogdanović (8 points with 3/15 tc limping from an illness), was insufficient. Are tenth in the Eastern Conference (29-36)in the last position that enables the player to play Play-Inand they get three wins against the Nets (26-40). Hence the importance of this setback against a rival who had nothing at stake.

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