Phoenix Suns Struggling to Stay Afloat as Playoffs Approach: Where Do They Go From Here?

In Arizona they do nothing but take hits. What was an exciting season since the summer is ending up becoming a constant want and can’t. Despite continuing in the fight to be a direct playoff team, the feelings are really bad; So much so that we can say that last night they hit rock bottom when they fell 104-102 to the San Antonio Spurs that didn’t even have Victor Wembanyama.

It was a very hard blow for the Suns. If two days ago they had emerged victorious from the field of the Texas organization, on this occasion they were unable to repeat the victory, something that has caused self-criticism to skyrocket.

«It is a disappointment. We thought it was going to be easy without Wemby. They just kicked our butts. They came out aggressive, just like the coach told us they would, and we didn’t respond. Well, we did it, but we didn’t resist the blows of it », comments Bradley Beal.

With a balance of 42-30, it is no secret that Phoenix is ​​one of the most irregular teams in the NBA. They have the potential to beat anyone in a game, but losing three of four times against San Antonio, the worst team in the West, says a lot about the level they currently have.

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«It is simply unacceptable to lose that game. I think we gave the right instructions to our guys and that we all did the right preparation, but we didn’t play with the necessary concentration, at least during the first half,” says Frank Vogel, head coach of the Suns.

In the fight for sixth place in the Western Conference, Phoenix is ​​currently eighth, just half a game behind Sacramento and Dallas. They have it in their hand, but they do not convey any security.

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