Mike McCarthy talks coaching contracts at League’s Annual Meeting

ORLANDO, Fla. – Speaking at the League’s Annual Meeting in Orlando on Tuesday morning, Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy discussed some of the big contracts within his coaching staff, including defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, and the their own, which will expire at the end of the 2024 season.

Some might anticipate added pressure in a season for McCarthy, who has been Dallas’ head coach since 2020 and has compiled a 42-25 record in the regular season but just a 1-3 record in the postseason, but McCarthy is comfortable with the future and is focused exclusively on 2024.

“We all have an excellent opportunity to coach the 2024 Dallas Cowboys,” McCarthy said. “No one is more committed to that than us. On the financial side, we’re all different in that area, regardless of where everyone is in their contract. I don’t see it as more pressure.”

Although there is a possible season outcome in which McCarthy is not renewed at the end of his contract, he has managed to remain steadfast in the mission that awaits him only in 2024, understanding that there is still a good opportunity ahead.

“I think you can’t lose sight of the bigger picture,” he said. “I know this has always been my focus. Don’t doubt it, I feel very blessed to be here. I am very aware of where I am and the opportunities that I have had personally, I am very blessed. I never lose sight of that. That has always been my general approach.”

“Now when I look at the younger coaches, yes, I worry more about them than myself because I know where I am in my career. But the reality is if you don’t take the same approach every year, you’re really looking at it differently. wrong way.”

The approach is something he’s applied earlier in his career, having trained during a one-year extension with Green Bay in 2018 and ultimately not returning, and he plans to put those details aside to prepare accordingly this offseason.

“I think it’s just the reality of our industry,” he said. “That’s what it is… Your financial structure shouldn’t prevent you from approaching the season. Like anything, whether it’s a player or a coach, you go through a business transaction, an opportunity to negotiate, and our guys do it.”

Even despite an offseason that is forcing Dallas to do more on the field with fewer veterans and experience, McCarthy isn’t looking for pity.

“Don’t feel bad for me,” he said. “I’m in a great situation… It’s not a problem at all. You have to have the same approach every year and that’s the way I’ve done it.”

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