Leaked Photos of Indonesian National Team’s New Jersey Spark Controversy: What Fans Are Saying

KOMPAS.com – The realm of social media is starting to get busy with leaks of the new jersey Indonesian National team which will be used for the first time in the match against Vietnam in the 2026 World Cup Qualification event, Thursday (21/3/2024).

The match at Gelora Bung Karno will be his debut Erspo as the apparel provider for the Indonesian National Team, replacing Mills, who has accompanied Garuda for the last four years.

Early collaboration between PSSI and Erspo will run for two years first.

However, the photos which allegedly leaked the Indonesian National Team’s new home and away jerseys gave rise to pros and cons among Garuda supporters.

The topics “jersey” and “Mills” trended on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Not a few netizens gave negative opinions about the debut jersey in the comments column of the official Erspo account or in the reply column to tweets discussing this leaked jersey.

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Regarding this jersey polemic, Budi Frastio, who is the founder of the Community Indonesian National Team Jersey (KJTI) gave his opinion.

According to him, the jersey is more than just a design because there are many things related to fabric technology and details in the design that cannot be seen from some of the leaked photos circulating.

Erspo himself will just do it launching official national team jersey on Monday (18/3/2024).

“We should wait to see what the technology in the fabric will be like, so that a simple jersey can be luxurious,” said Budi Kompas.com.

“Let’s just look at the plain Nike jersey in the last year, it was criticized, but after getting used to it and the Indonesian National Team wearing it, everything became normal and many people were looking for it instead.”

“Most importantly, when the national team’s performance is good, the jersey design will be the umpteenth number because every jersey must have its own story.”

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“Let’s wait and see what kind of technology or breakthrough Erspo will provide to differentiate the jersey visually simple “It will be elegant or even match the quality of the fabric with big world apparel, we should look forward to it.”

Budi also expressed his opinion regarding the new design of the national team jersey which is widely circulating.

“In general, we can see that the designs tend to be simpler and are definitely similar or compatible with other designs,” said the man who is starting to focus on collecting Indonesian National Team jersey since 2010 it added.


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