Juan Jesus: ‘Racism is a shame that struggles to disappear’ – Football

Juan Jesus: ‘Racism is a shame that struggles to disappear’ – Football

He did not interrupt the Inter-Napoli match due to the offense suffered for “all the inconvenience it would have caused to the spectators who were watching the match, and trusting that my attitude would be respected and taken, perhaps, for example. Probably, after this decision, those who find themselves in my situation will act in a very different way to protect themselves and try to put a stop to the shame of racism which, unfortunately, is struggling to disappear”. This was stated by Juan Jesus, on the official Napoli website, after the sports judge’s decision not to inflict any punishment on Acerbi. The 32-year-old Brazilian, who has been playing in Serie A since January 2012 after being acquired from Inter, underlined today that he does not feel “in any way protected by this decision which struggles between having to admit that ‘the proof of the offense has certainly been reached’ and maintaining that there would be no certainty of its discriminatory nature which, again according to the decision, only I and ‘in good faith’ would have perceived. I really don’t understand how the phrase ‘go away black, you’re just a black …’ could certainly be offensive, but not discriminatory. In fact, I don’t understand why there was so much fuss that evening if it really had been a ‘simple offence’ for which Acerbi himself felt obliged to apologise, the referee he felt he had to inform the VAR, the match was interrupted for over a minute and his teammates struggled to talk to me.

I can’t explain why, only the next day and in training camp with the national team, Acerbi began a U-turn on his version of events and instead did not immediately deny, as soon as the match was over, what had actually happened.” “I didn’t expect an ending of this kind which I fear, but I hope I’m wrong – he concludes – it could set a serious precedent to justify certain behaviors in hindsight. I sincerely hope that this, for me, sad story can help the entire world of football to reflect on such a serious and urgent issue.”

“I have read several times, with great regret, the decision with which the Sports Judge considered that there is no proof that I was the victim of racist insults during the Inter-Napoli match last March 17: it is an assessment which, although respecting it, I struggle to understand and it leaves me with great bitterness”, says Juan Jesus. “I am sincerely disheartened by the outcome of a serious matter which I was only wrong to have handled ‘like a gentleman’, avoiding interrupting an important match.”

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