Javier Altamirano Transferred to Fleni Institute After Soccer Match Seizure: Health Update

Javier Altamirano He was transferred from the Platense Medical Institute to the Fleni Institute, after the decompensation he suffered in the match between Estudiantes and Boca last Sunday.

This Wednesday, the La Plata club released an official statement about the footballer’s health: “Javier Altamirano showed a favorable evolution and with a good initial response to treatment. Referral to the Fleni Institute is decideda recognized and highly complex specialized center, to continue with it.

Last Sunday, 27 minutes into the match between Estudiantes and Boca when Javier Altamirano collapsed on the playing field and began to convulse. All the players instantly realized what was happening and the doctors from both clubs came to help him. Two minutes later he was taken by ambulance to the nearest sanatorium, the Platense Medical Institute.

The next day, the club shared on its networks the medical report with the causes of the seizure: “After the studies carried out today, it was determined that the cause of the seizure suffered by the player was a thrombosis of the longitudinal sinus superior (brain)”.

“He is stable, with appropriate medication and waiting for other studies. He will remain hospitalized for evolutionary monitoring,” the statement closes.

The club’s initial report spoke of a thrombosis of the superior longitudinal sinus of the brain. Clarรญn consulted with Dr. Facundo Rodrรญguez, coincidentally a neurosurgeon at Fleni, who explained the pathology.

“Thrombosis is basically an occlusion in the sinus due to a thrombus. Just as a heart attack is generated when an artery is obstructed, here what happened to Altamirano is that the superior longitudinal sinus suffered an obstruction,” graphed the neurosurgeon in an extensive explanation.

Now, the player was transferred from the Platense Medical Institute to Fleni, a medical center that specializes in neurology, neurosurgery and rehabilitation.

It is expected that the studies will be deepened and it will be evaluated whether an intervention is necessary and possible.

2024-03-20 20:11:38
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