Iga Swiatek, qualified for the final in Indian Wells: “I’m proud of myself”

“What is your feeling after this quick victory (6-2, 6-1) against Marta Kostyuk, whom you have known for a long time?
I am proud of myself and impatient. I had a great match today (Friday). All the lights are green. I wouldn’t say that we are close (with Kostyuk), but it’s true that I know the difficulties she went through at the start of the war. As I have spoken a lot in support of Ukraine, we talked about it a little together. But today it was a tennis match so it had no influence.

“My mind could go a little in all directions when I was younger and I didn’t have the skills to maintain that discipline”

At what point during a tournament do you start thinking about the title? Or do you always manage to be in the moment?
I wouldn’t say that these thoughts don’t appear, because they do. But the question is: what do you do with them when they are there? Are you going to focus on it or take it step by step because there’s still a long way to go? I think I do well with the second option (smile). I don’t like to focus on the outcome, I prefer to focus on the process. So even when these thoughts come, I know what to do.

What do you think are your main qualities on the court? And how did you develop them?
I would say intensity and discipline. And my lift. I had to learn to find balance with this intensity. When I was younger, I was a more defensive player. When I started working with Tomasz (Wiktorowski, his coach), he taught me to be more aggressive. We then had to find the right balance. Discipline came when Daria (Abramowicz, her psychologist) joined the team. She taught me to be more focused and focus on the right things. My mind could go a little all over the place when I was younger and I didn’t have the skills to maintain that discipline. »

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