Enhancing Collaboration Between Referees and Scorers: An Evening with the CNA and CNC

With less than a month until the 2024 baseball and softball season begins, the CNA and the CNC they find themselves together Thursday 7 March at 20.30 on the zoom platform for an evening that will be proactive for both the scorers and the referees.

The evening created by Marco Battistella, Stefano Burlini, Denis Codarini e Stefano Russi, with the support of CNA and CNC, will have as its central theme “The gestures of referees on the pitch”, which is an integral part of the collaboration between referees and scorers during the match. With the help of videos and cards, particular game situations will be proposed where the gestures of the referees are the classifiers’ additional weapon to understand the type of decision taken on the pitch by the referees, in real time. Denis Codarini and Stefano Russi will be entrusted with the part concerning the gestures while Marco Battistella will be entrusted with the writing part concerning the classifiers.

We look forward to seeing many of you and remind you that those who do not yet have the credentials for the evening can contact the CNC at the following email address [email protected] or contact their regional contact person.

2024-03-04 08:00:27
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