Daniël Köllerer’s Scathing Criticism of Dominic Thiem: A Look at the Controversial Tennis Star’s Latest Outburst

More than ten years ago, Daniel Köllerer’s tennis career ended because he was banned for life for match-fixing.

During his time as a player, he repeatedly attracted attention through freakouts and scandals. Even long after his playing days, Köllerer still seems to be looking for confrontation.

His target this time: Dominic Thiem. In an interview with the “Krone” Köllerer doesn’t say anything good about the former US Open winner:

“The guy always has something. If I complain against him now, I’m not even the bogeyman anymore. Then I’m the celebrated one because I’m the one who finally says it. Thiem would never have won a Grand Slam if Corona “It wouldn’t have been possible. His ranking with number three was far too good. You can see where he’s messing around now. In the Davis Cup against number 700 he had to fend off a set point.”

Furthermore, he doesn’t give a damn about Thiem’s ​​fitness: “He can’t even resist defeat anymore. And we’re miles away from physical fitness anyway. He doesn’t win a five-set match anymore. He sleeps through the first one every time anyway, I have no idea where he is anymore.”

The conclusion of his tirade: “If he continues like this, he will soon be selling tickets in the circus.”

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