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Published by Alejandro VillalobosFebruary 29, 2024LOGISTICSVisits 18

In December 2023, ports in the Tarapacá region of Chile experienced a significant decrease in cargo moved. According to data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the cargo moved totaled 1,205,826 tons, which represents a decrease of 26.9% compared to the same month of the previous year.

The activity linked to exports was the one that contributed the most to this decrease, registering a decrease of 28.6% in the one-year time frame. Imports also decreased, with a fall of 32.2% in twelve months. On the other hand, third-party transit decreased its activity by 8.7% compared to December 2022.

Despite the overall decline, there were some areas that showed growth. Restoration increased by 35.3% in twelve months and the activity related to cabotage exhibited a negative interannual variation of 6.7%.

Tasks related to the loading and unloading of materials moved 1,186,410 tons, evidencing a decrease of 27.5% in twelve months. Regarding bulk cargo, 986,438 tons were moved, which meant a decrease of 28.7% in twelve months.

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