Controversy Surrounding Andrey Rublev’s Disqualification in Tennis Match Against Alexander Bublik

The disqualification of Andrey Rublev last Friday during his match against Alexander Bublik, for allegedly insulting a line judge in Russian at 6-5 in the second set, is still happening in the world of tennis. A video in which the world number five can be heard shouting this phrase to the referee in English: “It’s so out of place that like this (pointing with his fingers to the margin by which the Kazakh’s ball went long), how, how! ”. While it is true that before, Andrey said something else.

An action that Rublev appealed and in which the ATP has finally partially agreed with the Russian tennis player, as reported by British journalist James Gray.

In this way, the ATP will restore Rublev the money he had won in prizes in the tournament, an amount of 157,755 dollars (145,000 euros), and recover the 200 points in the ATP ranking for having reached the semifinals in Dubai.

However, Rublev has not gotten away completely, since the Russian will have to face a fine of 36,400 dollars (33,500 euros), although he will be able to pay it without problems with part of the money received in prizes.

Sandgren defends Rublev: “He should appeal and demand the money”

Tennys Sandgren, a tennis player who is usually very participatory in controversies through social networks, came out in defense of the Muscovite: “It’s pretty crazy that the supervisor can enter the field and disqualify you because a referee said you blasphemed in Russian. Rublev should absolutely appeal this decision and demand the winner’s money from the court. It is true that the reason given on the field of play was nonsense,” wrote the 32-year-old American and 270th in the world, who was a quarterfinalist at the 2020 Australian Open, when he had match points to beat Roger Federer.

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The fact is that Rublev has not publicly apologized or defended himself after losing the match in that way, for protesting over a ball, which, according to his assessment, had gone far out of bounds. Some teammates did defend him, such as the Spaniard Alejandro Davidovich, who asks that a football measure be applied: “It is very unfair that Rublev is disqualified without first ensuring that what the linesman understood is correct. That rule should be reviewed and changed. Shameful. We need VAR in tennis,” said the tennis player of Russian origin. “What he did was not right, but taking away all the prize money and points without any proof that what the linesman told the referee was correct seems unfair,” added the man from Malaga.

A compatriot and friend of Rublev, a very beloved player on the circuit, also spoke out. Daria Kasatkina posted the following: “So, you can just disqualify a player, take away his points and money, without even reviewing the video replay? What a joke, another confirmation that we need VAR in tennis and electronic linesman in all tournaments.”

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