Clément Prévitali Secures Victory in Men’s Final at ASPTT Nevers Tournament

The men’s final yesterday opposed two players who were competing in the ASPTT Nevers tournament for the first time. Victory went to Clément Prévitali from Jura (1/6).

Having smiles on the faces of the spectators, we could easily say that we witnessed a very good game yesterday during the men’s final of the ASPTT Nevers tournament, which brought together 151 players from 42 clubs . For three hours and three sets, Clément Prévitali (1/6, Tavaux Saint-Aubin Grand Dole) and Meryl Genévrier (1/6, Capdenac) competed in a meeting with breathtaking suspense, where each had the possibility of winning . The last word went to the Jura (3/6, 6/4, 7/6).

“It was my first participation here,” explains the winner. “Nicolas Guillaume, who I know and who was present during the last three editions, told me good things about the tournament. »

“I am very happy with this victory. I had a bit of a complicated start to the year, I lacked confidence. This success is good for morale,” adds the forty-year-old, before returning to the final: “I performed a first set below my expectations. I was able to win the second and make the difference in the third, by winning the super decisive game. I found beautiful sensations again.”

The finalist of the day Meryl Genévrier, dismissed from the field, but based in Paray-le-Monial (Saône-et-Loire), also participated for the first time in the Nevers winter tournament. “I wanted to play and the tournament was close to where I live. The organization and facilities are very good. »

For the ladies, it’s anything but a surprise. Returning to the competition, Rosalie Joly (15/3, ASPTT Nevers), already winner at the committee and Vauzelles tournament, won at home. The old 3/6 dominated Élodie Merlin (15/2, JGS Nevers), 6/0 6/0.

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