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Valentin Petri from REINICKENDORF has these tips and topics for you:

  • Im Märkischen quarter will be on the Field of Berlin flamingos for the Baseball season start trained. Our author visited young Reinickendorf baseball players and their coaches (see photo above) and presents them in the Newsletter section “Neighborhood” before. “Football was too simple for me. Baseball has more kick“, says 15-year-old Saifa from the Märkischesviertel dry. On Easter weekend there is one there Tournament with teams from all over Europe. And who not very familiar with the rulesto help him or her Pilots in the stands. But there is also a lot going on in the newsletter, including the ones Motivation of players and coachesrefer to this still an unusual sport in Germany explained to let in. other topics this time among other things:
  • “This is reminiscent of the Berlin Wall”: Indignant voices over fencing at the airport lake
  • Dispute over container accommodation for refugees: District mayor Emine Demirbüken-Wegner (CDU) criticizes the Senate’s “once again re-coordinated advance”.
  • Traffic news: U6 construction work will take longer, S85 will run to Frohnau in the future
  • desecrations Reinickendorfer Friedhof: War-glorifying pro-Russian symbols on gravestones
  • “Religions can also bring society together”: Breaking the fast together in Reinickendorf
  • 25 years Halls at the Borsigturm
  • Easter tips: Flower decorating in Hermsdorf, egg hunts and Easter celebrations in Lübars, farm market in the Heiligensee tram depot, baseball in the Märkischesviertel
  • Even more sports: Gambling against racism, table tennis with the foxes

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