Yi Jianlian Inspires Students at Xinhuo Charity Basketball Training Camp

Original title: Guiding Basketball Training Camp Students (Quote)

Yi Jianlian plays again for charity (theme)

China Sports News reporter Huang Xinhao

Legendary Chinese basketball player Yi Jianlian recently came to Yi Jianlian Basketball Training Center in Futian Sports Park to visit and guide the training of the students of the 2023 Xinhuo Camp Charity Basketball Training Camp.

Recently, the weather in Guangdong has ushered in the typical “Guangdong-type wet and cold weather”, but the Yi Jianlian Basketball Training Center is in full swing. The coaches and students of the public welfare basketball training camp who are taking classes are full of enthusiasm and focus on the current course, running, passing, and shooting, striving to perfect every action. While watching the training, Yi Jianlian also went on stage to provide teaching guidance with head coach Milinenko, and actively demonstrated offensive and defensive cooperation for the students.

After the training, Yi Jianlian shared his feelings about this visit to the camp with the students: “First of all, welcome everyone to participate in this charity basketball training camp. Most of the students work hard, but a small part of them are not focused enough. Concentrate on It is very necessary in training. You must listen carefully and understand the coach’s requirements. You need to learn the order of stepping your left and right feet carefully.”

Yi Jianlian introduced to the students that the training system of the public welfare basketball training camp is built according to the level of professional teams, and the training requirements are also consistent with professional teams. He hopes to use advanced training systems and teaching methods to teach students more knowledge and help them improve their basketball skills. Go further and more steadily on the road. He used the example of Hu Mingxuan, a member of the national team and a student of the 2013 Xinhuo class, to encourage everyone to cherish this learning opportunity and feel the intensity, detail processing and physical reserve requirements of professional training under the leadership of the coach.

Student Zhang Yiwen said: “The training these days has been more intense than expected, and the coaches are all professional and dedicated teachers. But whenever we feel tired, the coaches will applaud us and let us persist. Today I believe it and persist.” It’s really rewarding. It’s such a surprise to have Brother Lian come to guide us. It’s like a dream. After listening to Brother Lian’s speech, I am even more motivated. I will definitely stick to my basketball dream and do my best as Brother Lian said. .”

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