Xàtiva Badminton Club Dominates Second Day of Autonomous Club League

The Xàtiva Badminton Club achieved a full victory on the second day of the Autonomous Club League, where it participates with two teams, CB Xàtiva-Caixa Popular A and B. The two teams won all the games on this second day, played last Sunday in Manises, and The first team, A, maintains the lead in the classification, while B is thirdtied on points with CB El Campello.

The CB Xàtiva-Caixa Popular A faced two games on this second day. The first, against CB Ibi, began with the defeat in the mixed doubles, in which the couple formed by Vicent Molina and Soraya Gandia competed. The Xàtiva club overcame the score by winning the men’s and women’s doubles matches. David Polop and Vicent Molina, on the one hand, and Andrea Orquín and Soraya Gandia on the other, won their respective matches and turned the score around, with a provisional 1-2 for the Setabeans. In the singles round, Andrea added another point, giving the victory to those from Xàtiva with 1-3, while David lost, leaving the final result of 2-3 for CB Xàtiva.

In the second match, CB Xàtiva A beat CB Teulada with a resounding 0-5. Soraya Gandia and Vicent Molina added the first point in the mixed doubles; Vicent and David Polop placed second in the men’s doubles, and Andrea Orquín and Soraya ensured victory for the Setabeans by winning the women’s doubles. With the tie decided, David and Andrea added two more points in the singles round.

CB Xàtiva B only played one match on this second day, also against CB Ibi, although the second team from Sebastián had it easier than the first and beat the Alicante team by a clear 5-0. Martina Molina and Feliu Terol added the first point in the mixed doubles. Marcos Cimas and Ximo Torres achieved the second in a three-set match in the men’s doubles, and in the women’s doubles Leyre Simón and Vega Calatayud put the score at 3-0. Those from Xàtiva secured victory, with the singles round remaining, in which Leyre and Feliu added the last two points at stake.

After this second day, CB Xàtiva A consolidates its position in first position, with 12 points, followed by CB San Fernando de València, with 9 points. The two teams will face each other on the last day of the league. CB Xàtiva B, for its part, is third, with 7 points, the same as CB El Campello.

World Para Badminton in Thailand

The CB Xàtiva athlete Thomas Wandschneider has placed fifth in singles and doubles at the Para Badminton World Cup held in Thailand. As an individual, Thomas surpassed the group stage, taking first place in his group without giving up a set. In the round of 16 he beat Konstantin Afinogenov by 21-16 and 21-10, reaching the quarterfinals, where he lost to the Korean Jeong Jaegun by 21-15, 22-20, achieving fifth place.

In doubles, the German-born athlete competed with Rick Cornell. In the group stage they achieved three quick victories that placed them first, reaching the final draw. After overcoming the round of 16 tie, in the quarterfinals they lost to the Thai couple formed by Jakarin Homhual and Dumnern Junthong by 21-17 and 21-18, finally finishing fifth in the doubles of the WH1/WH2 category.

Juvenile day of the Sports Games

Besides, Badminton Xàtiva also competed last weekend in the third provincial day of the youth category of the Sports Games of the Valencian Community, which took place in Manises. The Setabe representation had a total of 13 athletes, eight from CB Xàtiva and five from the Municipal Sports School, who achieved a 35% victories in singles events and 38% in doubles events. Arnau Ballester stood out, winning all the matches he played; Carla Soler, with three victories; Joel Mahiques, who won all the singles; and Iker Baonza, who did the same in the doubles event.

Upcoming competitions

Badminton Xàtiva will play next Saturday, March 2, in El Campello the Top TTR territorial tournament for the Under-13 and Under-17 categories. The club will attend with six athletes from both categories. It will also be present at the Under-15 and Under-19 Youth Master that will be held this weekend in Tordesillas (Castilla y León), with the participation of Andrea Orquín from Setabe, who will play the women’s singles and doubles events, the latter along with Soraya Gandia, from CB Enguera. In addition, CB Xàtiva will also attend the first regional concentration Se Busca Campeón, in El Campello, where Arnau Ballester, Adrià Meseguer and Aarón Fasanar will attend.

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