«Unfair dismissal. I was eliminated by those who know little about football”

Jose Mourinho he’s starting to take a few pebbles off his feet after his dismissal from the club in January Roma by the president And Friedkin. The coach was shown the door after a series of unsatisfactory results, but with the Giallorossi still in the running for fourth place and the Europa League: «The European competitions are about to begin, in particular the Champions League, perhaps the most important competition of the world calendar. I won’t be there at these final stages, not because I’ve already been eliminated, but because I was “eliminated” by someone who knows little about football. That’s life, full of ups and downs, and I’m growing, despite the unexpected and unfair dismissal. But I will return, and with even more enthusiasm and confidence, for these UEFA matches”, he wrote as global ambassador of in an article published on Pulse Nigeria.


Mourinho’s attack on Friedkin

According to rumors from Germany, the Special One is learning German to coach Bayern Munich. Today Roma will face Feyenoord in the first round of the Europa League play-offs: «I participated in many matches and reached the final several times.

They are truly special matches, for us coaches, for the fans and, obviously, for the players. I therefore have enough experience and knowledge to know how to move forward, even when we have opponents with much greater potential than ours. In this phase I always keep in mind: in the first game you always play to win; in the second, you know what you need to get to the next round: win by one goal, draw or even lose by one or two goals. And the knockout matches are managed on this basis.”


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