Tungurahua Sports Federation Teams Win Bronze at U13 Federative Basketball Tournament

Players who represented the province and won the bronze medal. (PF Photo)

The men’s and women’s basketball teams of the Tungurahua Sports Federation (FDT) had a notable participation in the U13 Federative Tournament organized by the Ecuadorian Basketball Federation (FEB), obtaining third place in their respective categories.

This weekend, the girls demonstrated their talent and determination throughout the tournament, leaving high-level rivals in their path. Their dedication and sacrifice led them to win third place on the podium, an achievement that fills the province of Tungurahua with pride.

For its part, the men’s team also played a great role in the tournament, competing with high-performance teams. Despite not reaching the final, the players demonstrated their potential and left a pleasant impression on the national level, after winning the bronze medal.

Patricio Fonseca, coordinator of the national teams, showed his optimism for the great performance of the province’s teams. (D)

2024-02-21 01:19:17
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