Tuchel Fails to Keep Promise at FC Bayern: Breaking Down His Departure

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    Thomas Tuchel breaks his promise at FC Bayern. The coach had assured Uli HoeneÃß that he would look after his club.

    Munich – It wasn’t even a year ago when Thomas Tuchel was introduced by FC Bayern as the new coach. The 2021 Champions League winner was presented as a savior. At the end of the season, they parted ways again after only 14 months. Tuchel was unable to keep his promise to club patron Uli Hoeneø when he took office.

    Tuchel fired after just over a year: HoeneÃß promise raises questions

    Tuchel suffered three bankruptcies in a row. FC Bayern reacted and agreed with the star coach to end their collaboration in the summer.

    When Tuchel was installed as Julian Nagelsmann’s successor just over a year ago in March 2023, he first received the blessing of Honorary President Uli HoeneÃß. The Krumbach native also explained that he promised Hoeneß to look after his club. Given the crisis situation at FC Bayern, this is currently out of the question.

    Uli Hoeneø and Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel in deep conversation. © Eduard Martin/Imago

    Tuchel breaks Hoeneß promise: Bayern coach contradicts

    The club is in extremely troubled waters. For the first time since 2012 there is a threat of a titleless season. In the DFB Cup, Bayern already failed in the second round against Saarbrücken, in the Bundesliga they are eight points behind Leverkusen after 23 games and in the Champions League there is a threat after losing 1-0 in the first leg of the round of 16 at Lazio Rome the elimination.

    Now the Munich team has to look for a new coach for the coming season. Uli HoeneÃß, who has been pulling the strings at FC Bayern since last summer together with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, had actually hoped that peace would finally return. In the end, it must be said that Tuchel has broken his promise to Hoeneø.

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    Tuchel breaks Hoeneß’s promise – and is convinced of the opposite

    However, Tuchel, who does not see himself as “the only problem” after leaving Bayern, has a different view of things and contradicts himself. When asked about his broken promise to Hoeneß, the 50-year-old responded with a surprising answer.

    “I have kept my promise to this day,” said Tuchel when asked before the Leipzig game on Sky. “We are always in contact and have a very good relationship,” explained the FCB coach when asked whether there was contact with Hoeneø in the course of the decision to part ways in the summer.

    Even HoeneÃß couldn’t help Tuchel anymore

    Hoeneß and Rummenigge were generally seen as big supporters of Tuchel. However, the good relationship with his bosses could not save his job. A similar fate befell Tuchel’s predecessor Julian Nagelsmann when Kahn and Salihamidzic did not keep their agreement. (ck)

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