Triumphant Archers: Acireale Indoor Regionals Success in Sicily

Sicily, the Acireale Indoor Regionals were a success


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Over 180 archers met last weekend in Acireale, at the Pavolcan, for the Regional Indoor Archery Championships.

A very large number of athletes competed in the competition organized by the Apple Club Arcieri Camporotondo, with the collaboration of the Arcieri Catania. Two days of arrows and entertainment which saw the Olympic bow, compound bow and bare bow divisions on the shooting line of the facility in the province of Catania.

A real celebration that also saw the arrival in Sicily of the Federal Councilors Vittorio Polidori and Enrico Rebagliati, the Technical Director of the National Para-Archery team Guglielmo Fuchsova as well as the “host” Renato Ippolito, president of the Fitarco Sicilia Regional Committee.

After two days of battle on the shooting line, new absolute regional champions were graduated in the Olympic arch Antonio Giuffrida and Grazia Pina Monaco of the Catania Archers, in the compound Daniele Bauro and Sophia Sframeli, both bearers of PAMA Archery Milazzo and in the naked arch Alberto Fiorino of the Archers of Venus and Cristina Greco of the Toxoin Club.

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