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Journey to the heart of well-being with these 7 wellness experiences in Madonna di Campiglio. Both in summer and winter, it is much more than a holiday: a form of profound regeneration that passes through the elements – sun, water, snow, pure high-altitude air – physical activity, the satisfaction of the senses and the contemplation of beauty.

7 wellness experiences in Madonna di Campiglio in contact with nature

Territory of Excellence of the Altagamma Foundation, Madonna di Campiglio cultivates above all the quality of the experience, in a natural context made of quiet, silence and unique panoramas.


1. Dolomiti Natural Wellness Winter: snow is the teacher

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 6 April 2024

The snow absorbs the noises, the quiet reigns supreme, every source of stress appears only as a remote memory. The cold and pure air envelop us like a muffled and relaxing shell. In this context you can choose your favorite guided excursion, accompanied by a trainer. “Life Under the Snow” is a path that allows you to connect with the invisible world of the undergrowth, exploring what happens under the white blanket, observing the animals and the rhythms of nature.

“Cold Friend” focuses on learning relaxation techniques and development of inner warmth, overcoming fears and prejudices related to temperatures and the intimate relationship with winter, “The Silence of the Snow” represents an exercise in active listening to the environment, a form of meditation that emphasizes surrounding sounds and noises. “Land Art” offers a small laboratory of creative and emotional expression, in which the landscape becomes a primary source of inspiration. At the end of each experience, a boiling herbal tea scented with Alpine herbs and essences.

2. Relax and dinner in the enchanted village: appointment for two

Every Tuesday until April 2, 2024

The ideal experience to surprise someone with a relaxing and romantic date. First of all, we rely on the energizing and purifying power of alternating steam, heat and cold. First of all, you enter the hydromassage tub and experience the sauna, Turkish bath, emotional showers, salt cave, and other treatments, pampered by the professionals of the Val Rendena Spa. In the evening the couple is welcomed in the village of Caderzone Terme, and precisely in the historic Palazzo Lodron Bertelli, where they can sit down for a typical candlelit dinner. On the menu, local recipes based on organic products.

3. Beauty on top: a spa among the peaks

Wednesday 28 February, 20 March 2024 and 27 March 2024

After a cold and sunny day spent skiing or snowshoeing, it’s time to relax in a place of alchemical transformation, self-care and beauty. At the Stoppani al Grostè refuge you enter a spa with a view of the Brenta Dolomites for a facial massage session with a professional from the Terme Val Rendena spa. Under his expert touch you experience the antioxidant and nourishing action of the ferruginous thermal water from Borgo della Salute and the organic cosmetics made with cranberries from Mountain Beauty.

Before or after the massage you immerse yourself in the private hydromassage tub on the terrace, surrounded by the peaks and pampered by all the comforts – towels, bathrobes, slippers and gifts to enjoy a complete experience. A privileged moment that ends with a brunch in company. This proposal includes a free two-hour entrance to the Terme Val Rendena Spa.


4. Barefoot in the park: barefooting

Barefooting, grounding, earthing: many expressions for a single gesture, as old as the world. You walk barefoot to connect to nature and feel part of it, awaken the ancestral memory of humanity’s past. With a gradual approach, suitable for everyone, you can experience all the benefits of this practice, walking barefoot in a natural context: from a more upright posture to more effective microcirculation, from better balance to increased vitality and energy. In Madonna di Campiglio and in the area of ​​Pinzolo and Val Rendena it is possible to be accompanied on this route by expert trainers, and start with meadows and dirt paths and then accustom the foot to more intense sensations, adapting the muscles to this exercise and learning to observe the ground with greater attention.

5. Natural Kneipp: the secrets of the cold

Wellbeing starts from the feet. In the company of Andrea Bianchi he discovers the benefits of the cold, barefoot walking and Natural Kneipp, discovering the life-giving energy of water and the hot-cold transition. Thanks to the precious techniques for developing inner heat, following the HOT mind® method created by the coach himself: walking barefoot in mountain streams, in contact with particularly cold temperatures, promotes relaxation, reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.

This path is inspired by Sebastian Kneipp, the German abbot who in the 19th century developed holistic hydrotherapy practices which are still applied today as a treatment for cardiac, circulatory and respiratory disorders.

6. Sun Salutation: the basis of yoga

The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) is a yoga practice consisting of a sequence of 12 rhythmic positions coordinated with the breath. Immersed in the silence of an enchanted landscape, surrounded by greenery, pure air and beauty, we seek awareness of the fundamental union between man and nature.

Madonna di Campiglio invites people of all ages to practice the Sun Salutation, especially at the beginning of a yoga session. A tribute to our star, source of energy and consciousness, which awakens the body and mind, to be tried together with qualified teachers.

7. The psyche and the soul: breathing techniques

In ancient Greek the Psyche is the vital breath, the breath, which was identified with the soul. Throughout our lives we inhale and exhale as a primary physiological act, indispensable for all our metabolic processes. For this reason, the practice of yoga in Madonna di Campiglio is accompanied by the learning of simple exercises aimed at conscious breathing. The effects, especially in a pure environment, scented with forest and mountain scents, are immediate: greater oxygenation, concentration, mental clarity, energy.

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