Toto Wolff Hopes Lewis Hamilton Can Win Eighth Title with Mercedes Despite Impending Ferrari Move – Toto Wolff openly admits that he hopes that Lewis Hamilton can win his eighth Formula 1 (F1) world title with the Mercedes team.

However, Hamilton only has that opportunity this year, because the driver will definitely cross over to Ferrari in the 2025 season.

Not to mention the dominance of Red Bull Racing, which may still not be able to be stopped by other teams, of course it will make it even more difficult for Hamilton to realize his desire to win the eighth title with a Mercedes car in F1 2024.

Even so, Toto Wolff, Mercedes Principal, believes that the Silver Arrows will be able to show improved performance this season so that his team can maintain this hope.

“You know, there’s a part of me that says he should get an eighth (title), because it’s been taken away from him,” Wolff said.

“So you know, if he wins it in 2024, that would be amazing. Going forward, competing on the right track, I would prefer us to win. I would prefer us to win,” he continued.

Lewis Hamilton’s move to the Prancing Horse Team was a shock to the world of F1 racing, including Wolff and the Mercedes staff.

The reason is, Hamilton only told Wolff about his decision to move to Ferrari only a day before the news was revealed to the media.

In fact, the negotiation process between Ferrari and Hamilton has been going on since three weeks ago and was initiated directly by John Elkann who is the President of the Maranello Manufacturer.

However, Wolff emphasized that he does not hold a grudge against Lewis Hamilton for the decision to activate the leave clause in his contract with Mercedes.

The Austrian was trying to balance his personal relationship with Hamilton and his professional role at Mercedes, when he was shocked by the extraordinary news that his star driver would be moving to Ferrari next year.

“No. There is no harm. “Because I have to stay calm and decide how we will manage the 2024 season, manage the 2024 season in the best way, and what decisions need to be taken going forward,” Wolff added.

“You know, it’s not like someone I really like disappeared. It does change the team and we were very aware in signing the contract that that could happen.”

“Maybe the timing was surprising. “But as I said before, there are many black swans swimming in front of me, unexpected things, and I think in Formula 1, the most important thing is agility and the ability to accept changing circumstances,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton himself, through his upload on Instagram, stated that he was ready to commit to winning the race in F1 2024 as an effort to give a sweet farewell to the team he had defended for 11 years.

“My focus is next season and getting back on track with Mercedes. “I’m more excited than ever, I’m fitter and more focused than ever and I want to help Mercedes win once again,” wrote Hamilton.

“I am 100% committed to the job I have to do and determined to end my partnership with the team on good terms.”

The seven-time world champion has indeed experienced a victory drought for the last two seasons. Hamilton has not won since the Saudi Arabian GP in Jeddah in December 2021.


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