The Sports Day: Dejana Radanovic Faces Backlash for Comments on India

The Sports Day Tennis player takes a furious blow against India

February 11, 2024, 11:51 a.m

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Dejana Radanovic recently toured India for three weeks to take part in some smaller tournaments in Pune, Bengaluru and Indore. She then described what she experienced on the subcontinent in hearty words in an Instagram post. “Adios, India! We’ll never, ever, ever see each other again,” she initially wrote shortly before her departure. As soon as she arrived at her stopover in Munich, the Serbian woman followed up and said: “Hello, civilization! Only those who have experienced something like India for three weeks can understand this feeling.”

She added sarcastically, referring to the heavy traffic: “But I have to admit that there are crazy drivers there. The traffic was interesting at times. You never know what your day will look like there and what will happen. And everyone is honking all the time, like in a video game.” Radanovic’s comments immediately triggered the expected response. Many users sharply criticized her words and accused her of racism, among other things. The Serbian, however, stuck to her position and justified herself in another post. There she wrote: “Oh my God, I can’t believe what we are talking about. I didn’t like the country of India. I didn’t like the food, the traffic and the hygiene (worms in the food, yellow pillows and dirty beds in the hotel, nobody knows how to use a roundabout).”

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