The Roller Coaster Career of Gerard Deulofeu: From Promise to Uncertainty

Gerard Deulofeu (29) Just a decade ago he was one of the greatest promises in world football. Next to Jessewho was lost along the way – partly due to a serious injury – was the one chosen to mark an era in Spanish football and in the Barça. However, none of that has happened. His career has been a roller coaster, with very high moments, but also very low ones.

In the A leagueboth in the Milan first as in Udinese Afterwards, it is the place where he has been able to marvel the most with his Qualities. Impossible dribbles, races, speed, imbalance and beautifully crafted goals that the tifosi miss. Some gallops on the wing that they also enjoyed at Watford.

A year without playing

Well, at the highest moment of his sporting life, in which he had found in Udinese the ideal place for him to shine and make his teammates shine, a damn injury has deprived us of continuing to enjoy the antics of the man from Riudarenes. Deulofeu, who will turn 30 in March, has not played an official match since January 2023 due to a knee injury that he suffered in 2022 and from which he did not recover completely well.

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”I don’t know if I’m going to play again”

In a chat with Gerard Romero in ‘Jijantes’, the winger left all his followers frozen by recounting his ordeal. ”I can’t do what I like anymore. I have been away from the field for more than a year. It has been very complicated. I can’t say much, but it is a real ordeal, you can’t imagine it. I’ve known for months that there’s a chance I’ll never play again. I’m trying everything to come back but I’ve accepted the idea that I wouldn’t be able to play again either.”.

As a result of the injury, he is taking care of himself more than ever, because ”he has become passionate about health”, with more than interesting eating and lifestyle habits that he shares many times on social networks.

”I’m doing everything I can. I have completely changed my life to return. And this is not moving forward. Of course, when you have a knee so damaged by so many operations, what you want is to rest. But since I want to play football again I have to give him encouragement. This implies inflammation, fluid coming out, and the line is very fine. “It’s being hard, but I’m managing to handle it well because I’m happy in my personal life, otherwise it would be a complete disaster.”

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