Ice hockey: Three more teams secure a place in the play-offs

HC Pustertal no longer has a chance of making it to the top six after a 3:4 defeat at Pioneers Vorarlberg. In the fight for second place and thus the second ticket for the Champions Hockey League (CHL), Hydro Fehervar still has the better cards. With a 6:3 win at Olimpija Ljubljana, the Hungarians maintained the two-point cushion over Red Bull Salzburg, who showed no weaknesses with a 6:1 win against the spusu Vienna Capitals.

In the penultimate game of the season at the Merkur Ice Stadium in front of 1,234 fans, the Graz team were in a losing position right from the start. Daniel Mantenuto (20th, 60th) and Daniel Frank (21st, 41st) each scored twice for the guests. The South Tyroleans won for the second time in a row and also their fourth direct duel of the season against the Styrians. For the 99ers it was the tenth game in a row without winning a point.

ICE Hockey League

Schedule and table

Linz turns the game around in the third third

The Black Wings, who recently won 2-1 against VSV, had to fight much harder for their victory and, after conceding a goal in the 19th minute, had to chase a deficit for a long time.

However, the Linzers were able to turn things around in the finish. Also thanks to Shawn St-Amant, who not only scored the equalizer (49th/PP) but also made it 3-1 (54th). Graham Knott provided the final point (60th). This also meant revenge on the northern Italians for their most recent two defeats after extra time and in the shoot-out in the previous encounters.

One goal decides in Villach

In Villach, the direct duel was for sixth place, and both teams went into action with corresponding motivation. The 3,399 fans waited almost in vain for highlights in the form of goals. Only Dylan MacPherson was able to get on the scoresheet in the 28th minute and became the match winner for the Carinthians, who decisively separated themselves from the Tyroleans by three points. The Innsbruck team have to try their luck in the pre-play-off.

Salzburg won against the Caps for the first time this season and extended their winning streak to five games. Thomas Raffl opened the scoring after just 3:24 minutes, after which five more local shooters entered the top scorer list in the ice arena. Salzburg will face Pustertal away from home on Friday, while Fehervar will be in action in Graz.

Win2Day ICE Hockey League


Final standings:

Salzburg – Vienna 6:1

(2:0 2:0 2:1)

Goals: Raffl (4th), Auer (16th), Meyer (28th), Baltram (33rd), Murphy (49th), Nissner (53rd) and Franklin (48th)

Penalty minutes: 6 and 16 respectively

VSV – Innsbruck 1:0

(0:0 1:0 0:0)

Tor: MacPherson (28.)

Penalty minutes: 4 or 4

Asiago – Linz 1:4

(1:0 0:0 0:4)

Goals: Beaulieu (19th) or St-Amant (49th/PP, 54th), Gaffal (51st), Knott (60th/EN) Penalty minutes: 6 and 8 respectively

Vorarlberg – Pustertal 4:3

(1:1 2:0 1:2)

Goals: Kirischenko (16th/PP, 37th/PP), Owre (38th, 46th) or Frycklund (14th), Mantinger (42nd), Atwal (45th)

Penalty minutes: 10 or 12

Graz – Bolzano 0:7

(0:3 0:2 0:2)

Tore: Gazley (10.), Miceli (13.), Mantenuto (20., 60.), Frank (21., 41.), Parlett (38./PP)

Penalty minutes: 10 or none

Ljubljana – Fehervar 3:6

(3:1 0:3 0:2)

Tore: Cosic (7.), Gooch (13.), Predan (18.) bzw. Bartalis (17.), Leavens (23., 47./PP), Laberge (39.), Robertson (40.), Atkinson (52.)

Penalty minutes: 8 and 4 respectively


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