The regular season of the Latvian-Estonian league will end – Floorball –

“FBK Valmiera/Betsafe” – “Sparta team Automailm” (at 12:00 Valmiera OC and

The game, which has been moved from 18:00 to the unusual 12:00, is important for both teams. Currently, Tallinn’s floorball players have shown better results, having collected 15 points in nine games, occupying the second place. They cannot go higher, but theoretically, a team with an unfavorable outcome for them can fall to the fourth position, but it is impossible to push the Estonian team out of the elimination tournament. At the same time, Valmieri currently occupies fifth place with 13 points, lagging behind “Lielvārde” due to a worse balance of matches between them. A victory in regular time would allow the Valmierians to overtake Cēsa and the Estonian team, confidently reaching the play-offs. If Valmierians win in extra time or in the shootout after the game, then they need the same outcome in the match between Lielvārde and Jogeva. In that case, Lielvārde’s team would remain behind the Final Four. In the case of winning one point, the people of Valmiera should hope that the Lielvārde team will lose their game in regular time.

In the “FBK Valmiera/Betsafe” team this season, the top scorer with 10 (1+9) points is Matīss Salmiņš, who is only one of the six floorball players who has appeared in all nine Valmiera games this season. Pavel Semyonov has scored 9 (1+8) goals, but he also has only one accurate shot. Among them, Guido Lauga scored all seven points with goals. The leading floorball players of the Estonian club were much more efficient, with Tanel Kasenurma scoring 22 (12+10) points, while Ken Pan has 17 (11+6) points. The third most successful floorball player has also collected more than the most successful player from Valmieri – Kaspar Kalion’s balance is five goals and six assists.

In the match between the two teams in Tallinn, at the beginning of the third period, Arvis Kārkliņš brought the home team closer to 2:3, but in the continuation, the Estonians scored one goal in the majority, but threw the ball into the Latvians’ empty net three more times, when Valmieri started to change the goalkeeper for the sixth player in a very timely manner. Thus, “Sparta” achieved a convincing 7:2 victory.

“Jogeva SK Tahe/Olivia” – “Lielvārde/FatPipe” (at 15:00 in Jogeva and on the LFS Youtube channel)

In the final match of the regular season, the Jogeva team will host Lielvārdi. After “Lekrings” won in Kočeni a few days ago, the Jogeva team lost any chance of qualifying for the elimination tournament. With the best possible coincidence of conditions, Estonians can catch Valmiera and Lielvārde teams in the table. Estonians have the worst balance in the additional indicators of the three teams, and only a convincing victory (at least with a four-goal advantage) can allow them to overtake Lielvārde’s team, which would not allow them to get higher than fifth place. On the other hand, for the Latvian champions, a victory in regular time gives them a place in the top quartet, but if they win in extra time or in the penalty shootout, they must hope that Valmiera will have lost to the Estonians. The same scenario is necessary for the “Lielvārde/FatPipe” team in case one point is won. The good news is that the team will already know how the early game of the day will turn out, which will make it easier to understand the needs to reach the Final Four.

Artūrs Okružko with 25 (18+7) points is not only the team’s but also the tournament’s top scorer. However, the partners have not been effective enough to help the team get to the knockout tournament. The next highest scorers are Matias Einamans (7+5) and Rasmus Randoja (5+7) with 12 points. It is interesting that the last name of Mihailas Kostusev appeared again in the team’s application, who was very effective in the 1st league of the Latvian championship in the previous seasons, but this season has not played a single official game. In contrast, “Lielvārde/FatPipe” is the most productive with 11 (8+3) points, Armands Savins, no one else even comes close to ten points – Juri Sandis Jäger and Oskars Tūtānas have 7 (3+4) points each.

In the match between the two teams in Lielvārde at the beginning of December, the Estonians managed to come back from a one-goal deficit three times, the last time in the 48th minute. However, in the continuation of the game, two goals scored by Markus Nazarova and one by Marisa Giņko ensured the success of the Latvian team with the result 6:3.

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