Liofilchem Roseto Secure Hard-Fought Victory Over Virtus Nepharma Imola

In the end, at the Palaruggi in Imola, Pallacanestro Roseto manages to earn a well-deserved victory against the hosts.
Virtus Neupharma Imola lost against Liofilchem ​​Roseto with the final score of 71-77: after a first half characterized by Roseto’s escape attempt, the yellow and blacks returned to the game in the second half, only giving in in the final moments despite Valentini’s injury and Barattini’s exit due to fouls. While waiting for the round to be completed, Virtus Imola remains in 10th place with 20 points.
Coach Zappi chooses Barattini, Magagnoli, Masciarelli, Chiappelli and Ohenhen in the starting quintet. As against Ruvo, Virtus Neupharma Imola starts uphill against an opponent, on paper, much more structured: Ohenhen is joy and pain, because on the one hand he is the only one to get on the scoresheet; on the other hand, he wastes too much on free throws. Roseto accelerates to +8 (2-10), finding the yellow-black response in the long run up to -4 (8-12) in the middle of the half and then to -5 (12-17): but the game has now blossomed, the the pace is much higher and the two teams reach the bonus when there are 2’30” left until the first siren. Santiangeli guesses the third triple of the evening for the guests, Zappi’s boys have a completely different statistic (1/5), at least until Magagnoli guesses the shot from 6.75 meters which scores -6 (18-24).
Little is scored at the beginning of the second quarter: only Petracca manages to increase the gap for his team, Donadoni follows him two minutes later. On the Virtus side, the guests’ basket remained “locked” for too long, precisely 3’35’, when Roseto had now escaped to +13 (20-33) also thanks to Durante’s three points from a sidereal distance. Aglio scores a point on the 9-0 run, entering the game as it happened in the first quarter but with the yellow and blacks constantly chasing, also thanks to the Rosetana defense which concedes just 26.9% of temporary scoring. PalaRuggi caught fire after some refereeing decisions, pushing their boys into a comeback postponed to the second half, but having to improve on 7/19 from twos and 2/11 from threes.
Chiappelli-Masciarelli-Chiappelli and Virtus immediately returns to the game at -8 (36-44), Donadoni makes the triple which tries to lower their wings but without having the desired effect: Ohenhen guesses -5 (42-47) below basket. Chiappelli continues his excellent impact in the second half, Barattini tries to paint a personal colorless effort: there are no “bombs” from distance, but the percentage of realization (42.5%) rises considerably thanks to the greater decision in the paint (15/27) . Barattini confirms the turnaround with a triple, the third for the yellow and blacks, for -4 (54-58) with 1’15” to go. Roseto goes into the bonus and Durante’s foul weighs on the economy of the last seconds, especially because it is added to the “technical” which is worth -2 (57-59). In the action that leads to the finish line of the third quarter, Neupharma’s attack finds no outlets, but the possession disadvantage is yet another demonstration of a “square” team.

Mantzaris, after an unsanctioned “foot”, guesses the three-point “bomb” that cools the Virtus engine; Klyuchnyk makes it 5-0 in favor of Abruzzo. It is always Chiappelli who keeps his teammates afloat, Barattini’s fifth foul complicates – and not a little – the last five minutes which still see Liofilchem ​​two possessions away (61-66). But it was an absence that the guests equalized shortly after, with Durante waving before Chiappelli scored the free throws for the new -3 (63-66). Errors abound, tension is sky-high when 2 turns of the clock are missing: Magagnoli guesses the slightest disadvantage (68-69, -1), Aglio makes PalaRuggi explode with joy with a screaming triple for 71-70, collecting a loose ball from the ground after suffering a block. Once again, the two match officials did not recognize a step violation: Imola stopped the clock and Klyuchnyk scored the free throws to make it 72-71 and gave the yellow and blacks the last possession of the match. Masciarelli slips on a questionable contact, gets furious and a few minutes later is sent off when the result is now compromised. Virtus leaves the field to applause. Next meeting Wednesday 14 February 2024 at home against Ristopro Fabriano.

Virtus Nepharma Imola-Liofilchem ​​Roseto 71-77 (18-24; 30-44; 57-59)
Virtus Neupharma Imola: Masciarelli 15, Dalpozzo, Aglio 9, Valentini 2, Morara 3, Magagnoli 8, Morina, Chiappelli 13, Alberti 4, Barattini 11, Ohenhen 6, Vannini ne Coach: Zappi

Liofilchem ​​Roseto: Durante 9, Maiga 8, Dervishi, Mastrototaro ne, Donadoni 13, Guaiana ne, Tamani 8, Mantzaris 9, Klyuchnyk 18, Santiangeli 4, Petracca 8. Coach: Gramenzi
Referees: Gurrera from Vigevano (PV) and Spinelli from Cantù (CO)
Note: 1Q 18-24; 2Q 12-20; 3Q 27-15; 4Q 14-18

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