The opinion on Sporting and Oviedo: The extreme unction and the little hand

Half smile in Gijón after the draw against Valladolid. The rojiblancos managed to equalize against a direct rival in a start of class and add four of six in one week. A good average considering that no one at the top has yet taken the lead. The positive thing is that MAR’s team is still hooked up there despite the fact that they only have three wins in ten games. But, in view of the numbers of their direct competitors, the rojiblancos are average. Another thing is the sensations. Come on, the usual. Now, what comes to the rojiblancos is the time to start tying up all the points again in El Molinón, whatever the name of the team.

For the rest, waiting for the days to pass to know if in the end, which it seems not, there will be “Asturias 2030”. Nobody wants to take the first step back, although it seems that, no matter how tight the ranks remain, the hope of the Orlegian family that Gijón will be a World Cup winner has already received the last rites. The only thing that can save the candidacy is a miracle like manna fallen from heaven in the form of a financing plan. But, apparently, that is another story that will have to be told another time.

Meanwhile, 28 kilometers away, they have already forgotten the defeat in the derby with a hand-jorubu. The blues did it at the expense of Burgos de Bolo, who continue to be horrible at playing in Oviedo, whether on one bench or the other. Those from Carrión continue to push in the same way that they continue in promotion positions. There’s a League, oyisti, guy?

2024-02-18 20:53:29
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