The Mavericks’ Missed Opportunity: How Jalen Brunson Became an All-Star with the Knicks After Dallas Rejected Him

It is without a doubt one of the great mistakes of recent years. Jalen Brunson has become one of the best point guards in the NBA with the New York Knicks, reaching All-Star status. That is the reality that hit the Mavericks (organization and fans) because for a long time they had it in their power to count on him in the long term. What happened? They rejected him.

Although we already knew that the Mavericks hesitated with Brunson to the point that he ended up with the Knicks, it was practically always taken for granted that the Texas team should have given him the same contract that they signed him in the Big Apple to retain him. Well, the 27-year-old himself explains that it was not like that and that the franchise led by Mark Cuban could be counting on him at the present for much less money than what he is worth.

«I really wanted to stay in Dallas. Before my last season with them, we tried to extend the contract for 4 years and 55 million dollars. I thought I would be there for a long time, I liked my role. It’s funny because my agent told me I could get a lot more, but I told him I wanted to be safe, not risk anything. In short, the Mavericks told me that they wanted to see my level after 20/25 games that season. I responded that if we don’t do it now, we won’t do it later. “I don’t want to be thinking about that while I play,” he says in statements to All the Smoke before narrating what happened next.

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«There was a moment when Luka Doncic got injured and I broke it, and it was within that range of the first 25 games. We wanted to talk to the franchise to renew and they kept saying no. I thought they were going to transfer me if they weren’t going to extend the contract, but they decided to offer me a deal later and I told them no, it was too late. Then I broke it in the playoffs, New York arrived, very close to where my family is, and I started to think that that was the place,” he says.

We know the rest of the story very well. Luka Doncic was left without the was (and would be) a luxury companion and the Knicks gained a spectacular player who is an essential piece of the organization’s good present.

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