The Hobby: A Heartwarming Documentary on the World of Card Collecting

Streaming service Documentary+ has released a trailer for an interesting and fun new documentary called Leisure. The film is described as a heartwarming, character-driven deep dive into the eccentric, high-stakes world of card collecting.

When I was a kid, I collected all kinds of cards! There were cards for everything! I have collected baseball cards, basketball cards, Garbage Pail Kids cards, Marvel Comics cards, and various cards designed for animated shows like Batman: The Animated Series.

Card collecting sort of died out in the 90s, but it’s enjoying a resurgence. This film follows both long-time collectors and a new generation of collectors who are catching the fever.

Here is the synopsis: “A shortage of Happy Meals at McDonald’s. A security guard escort. Guns fired in a Target parking lot. This is all caused by trading cards. In 2020, a new BOOM began. For the first time, major hedge funds, celebrities like Logan Paul and Steve Aoki, nostalgic millennials, entrepreneurs and billionaires rushed to add sports cards, Pokémon and other hot items to their collections and wallets. Over the next two years, the hobby exploded, even causing card grading services to shut down due to overwhelming customer service. This documentary is a character-driven, feel-good deep dive into the quirky, high-stakes world of card collecting, following buyers, sellers, card store owners, appraisers, online streamers , auctioneers and much more, all of whom participate in this pastime in their own unique ways.

The Hobby is made by Morgan Jon Fox (This is what love looks like in action) and it will debut streaming on Documentary+ on February 16, 2024.

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