“The feeling is bitter because we should have won”


The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernández, assured after drawing against Naples (1-1) at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, that the team lacked “calm down “The duel after Robert Lewandowski’s 0-1 but assured that they continue to improve and are on the right path.

“I have a bitter feeling because we were able to win the game, we had it in our hands and we did many things well. Except in the last 10 minutes. After 0-1 we lacked order and pause and their goal came. “It’s a shame, there is a bitter feeling because we should have won this match. But even so we have numbers to advance to the quarterfinals,” he said at a press conference.

“Playing like this we have a lot of numbers to pass. We played a very good game, we only lost the goal. We were very good and the team did well to win. I leave satisfied but with the bitter feeling that, seeing the game from my point of view, it was to win it,” he reiterated.

And for Xavi there was a lack of “calm”. “I think that in the 0-1 we have done the most difficult thing, we have played a very good game, yes. With the ball, without the ball. We have defended very well, we have been very good. Well, our game model has turned out very well. “I think we lacked competition. With the 0-1 score we had to calm down the game,” he explained.

“We have generated many chances, both in positional play and in high pressing. We have recovered many balls in the opposite half. It is a shame because I think we deserved, yes, we deserved the victory, but we lacked that control of the ball after the 0-0 1. For me it is the only thing that perhaps I have been missing today,” he added.

Looking ahead to the second leg, he seemed confident. “The team has shown a very good face, we have dominated, we have created many chances. Yes, obviously, we deserved more, but we have to score them and we don’t have to concede. This is the ‘Champions’. Now we have the game at home with our fans “We are going to try to advance to the quarterfinals,” he assured.

In fact, he believes that this 1-1 result “does not justify” what happened. “It’s a shame. We were very good in all aspects of the game, except after the goal. After the goal is when we should have controlled and dominated the match more. We needed it and it wasn’t like that. The team began to attack Naples and there we suffered until we reached the goal,” acknowledged the coach.

“It’s a shame not to win here today. Looking at the game, for me it’s not a good result. For me it was a game to win, today. But we competed very well. I think the team gave a very good image. We played very well at football and I think that is the way. Playing like this will normally win more games than lose games,” he predicted.

And for Xavi Hernández, his team played well and deserved to win. “We deserved more, but we have to finish the game and we have to dominate it when required, when we make it 0-1. We are going to continue fighting and achieve qualification,” he stressed.

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