Separation from Thomas Tuchel is an inconsistent decision

There are good reasons why the managers in Munich in March 2023 believed that this could be a common story: FC Bayern and Thomas Tuchel, the German world club and the German world coach. But since this Wednesday morning, since it has now become clear that this will no longer be the shared story that it should have been, one has to ask oneself: Why? Because of the coach? Because of the players? Or perhaps because of the managers who sent these players and this coach into the season together in this constellation?

At the end of this collaboration, which did not become an era, it is difficult to determine whether a player problem has become a coach problem in the eleven months – or a coach problem has become a player problem. But last week at the latest, when the team lost in Leverkusen, Rome and Bochum, it became clear that these players and this coach were very unlikely to find a common solution.


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