The Difficulty of Negotiating with Bayern: Lessons from the Kroos Transfer to Real Madrid

Negotiate with him Bayern It is very difficult. Or very easy, depending on how you look at it. The Bavarian team gives rise to few negotiations. When it comes to buying, he spares no effort if he considers that his objective is a priority. He knows it well Athleticthat when it closed in band to negotiate for Javi martinez he found himself with the payment of the clause. And when the seller is the club Säbener Street Buyers know that moving you from the figures you set is a thorny issue.

The one who has drawn the Real Madrid for what Alphonso Davies wearing white has many similarities with the strategy that was drawn up in 2014 for the signing of Kroos.

Ancelotti on Kroos’ future: “Until he sees that his level has dropped, he will continue”

On April 25, 2012, with the number 38 on his back, Kroos gave a lesson in the Bernabeu. Two years later, after winning the Champions League with Heynckes, was under the orders of Guardiola. It was only one season, but the Catalan coach was captivated by the German’s virtues. He was looking at a player who understood football like him, who fit perfectly into his plan for the game. Bayern.

But he found that Kroos’ days at Bayern were numbered. His contract ended in 2015 and Rummenigge He was not willing to accept a salary increase in line with what his coach saw in the player who was already wearing the number 8. Kalle, representative of the overwhelming Germany based on pace and physicality, did not see in the touch of Kroos and his diesel football arguments to raise the salary scale. He thought that area was covered in the present and the future with Mario Idol.

The screams of Hoeness

Madrid knew it and took note. Guardiola’s efforts to make Kroos stay were of no use. He explained it in every possible way, but Rummenigge’s opinion was worth more.

Madrid advanced and before Kroos left Brazil to win the World Cup with his team everything was agreed. We are on our way to all of this in a decade. Nobody has to explain to him that Kroos is one of the great signings (25 million) in white history.

La bronca with Uli Hoeness

“Call your agent. You will never make 10 million here!” he yelled. Uli Hoeness a Kroos. Toni did not react to the hierarchy of the Bayern. “I don’t need to call you, we have the same opinion,” she replied. From there it was known that Guardiola was going to lose a player whom he considered the ideal piece to develop the game plan for the team. Bayern.

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