Ice hockey: in 2025, the NHL could set up shop for a weekend in Paris

France is not traditionally a land of ice hockey, and yet the French capital should host several matches of the NHL Global Series in October 2025, according to specialist journalist David Pagnotta.

The North American National Hockey League is reportedly eyeing the Accor Arena. She would like to take inspiration from basketball and the NBA Paris Games to organize a similar event. After Sweden in 2023 and several other European countries in 2022, it is France which should be the host of one or more NHL matches.

A first in France for the NHL

Last year, Stockholm hosted several ice hockey matches during the weekend of November 16, 2023. Four franchises traveled for the occasion, including the Detroit Red Wings team and the Toronto Red Wings team. Maple Leafs. The previous season, in 2022, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic or Finland organized regular season matches.

For the 2025 edition, in France, a team has already taken their tickets. These are the Montreal Canadiens. For the Quebec franchise, this match would be a first since 1992, the date of the last trip of Montreal hockey players to Europe.

Through this weekend, the NHL wishes to strengthen its position on the old continent and take advantage of the weakening position of the Russian KHL League in European capitals.


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