The Deportivo-Fuenlabrada minutes record an incident between Massimo Benassi and the referee at half-time

Massimo Benassi, director general of Deportivo.

The match report written by López Parra includes, in an addition, the protests of the club’s general director, Massimo Benassi, at half-time on the occasion of Davo’s expulsion. The referee explains that the executive reproached him and one of his assistants with images on the cell phone of the red that the Asturian saw and that he had to request the presence of National Police agents to identify him. “Once the first half was over, at the entrance to the locker room, when assistant 1 was talking to the local coach, a person approached the assistant, pushing him away with his arm on his chest, without clearly identifying who it was due to the presence of several people around. Once I also arrived at the access to the locker room, a person without accreditation confronted me, showing a play from the match, telling me loudly: ‘He hits it because he steps on it first.’ What’s wrong, don’t you see it?, explains the referee. López Parra adds that he had to be separated by national police and members of Dépor. Club sources admit the incident, but point out that the scene developed in other terms, lowering the intensity of the match, and that the assistant said on several occasions: ““Shut up, this is mine (in reference to the Riazor stadium)”.

Riazor enjoys despite López Parra

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