The Case of the Fake Doctor in Indonesian Football: Lessons Learned


Recently there was a stir in the case of a fake doctor or ‘doctoroid’ who deceived a number of football teams in the country. In fact, the fake doctor also managed the U-16 and U-19 National Teams.

Elwizan Aminudin alias Amin was arrested by the Sleman Police on January 24 2024 in Cibodas, West Java. Previously, Elwizan was reported by the management of the PSS Sleman football club in 2021 after being revealed as a fake doctor and being on the wanted list (DPO) for several years.

Member of the Legal Bureau for Member Development and Defense (BHP2A) of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI) Dr. Dr. Gregorius Yoga Panji Asmara said that actually there are a number of ways to ensure someone is really a doctor. First, ensure that the person concerned has a medical education diploma, which can be followed by a doctor’s degree file for an advanced program or specialty, for example orthopedics.

“Then a diploma is not enough because he only shows that he has completed his studies, but is he also registered as a doctor? There is a registration certificate as written proof given to doctors or health workers who have been verified,” he said in an online webinar, Tuesday (6/ 2/2024).

It’s not enough just to have an STR, Dr. Gregorius reminded that further verification ensures that the person also has a practice permit (SIP). SIP is a sign that doctors and health workers have the competence to practice and serve the public in health facilities such as hospitals, and outside hospitals.

“When a doctor providing services claims to be a doctor, of course he does not necessarily actually provide services,” he said.

“In this context, we see that there are several stages that we can comb through, so that people can get doctors who are truly doctors, non-doctors,” he highlighted.

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