The anonymous success behind each goal of Real Sporting de Gijón

It is a luxury to have his wisdom and experience to precisely adjust the correct functioning of the sophisticated and modern infrastructure available to the Asturian club. “At the Mareo facilities, thanks to funds from LALIGA IMPULSE, we have made a large investment in solar panels and everything that has placed us at the forefront of sustainability. Investment has also been made in the renovation of the entire first team building (new clinic, new gym, dining room, etc.), as well as in the improvement of Women’s and Grassroots Football, to enhance everyone’s performance. In addition, we have renovated El Molinón and we have reopened the Mareo Residence, which two decades later once again welcomes national and international talent. “LALIGA IMPULSO helps us to be competitive also at an international level”Explain David Guerraexecutive sporting president.

The Board of Directors of the Asturian entity seeks excellence with that ‘impulse’ that has enabled the growth of the club in such avant-garde areas as the new Applied Sports Sciences team. In this new department he works Jose Miguel Garcia -he is also part of the first team medical team-, who has arrived at Sporting this season and has already become a person very loved by the players, with whom he works daily. He resigned from his old position at the Mexican Atlas FC to start this Spanish adventure and further train himself by studying a master’s degree in Medicine.

If relevant in each goal is all the staff that is in permanent contact with the players, it is also relevant who within the club works with the fans, one more ‘player’. A differentiating element of Real Sporting de Gijón is its fans. In the development of the club throughout its history, the bond, loyalty, feeling of belonging and commitment – whether inside or outside Asturias – that they continue to have is evident. Without the fans, Sporting de Gijón is nothing”David Guerra emphatically points out.

Olaya Rodriguez She is the current person in charge of Ticketing and Subscribers and knows very well what David is talking about since she has been at the club for more than 20 years and knows its ins and outs perfectly. Olaya has become an essential figure in the relationship between the red and white team and its subscribers and fans. “The support of the fans is key. At El Molinón we have that magic and the players feel loved. When I finish my work at the box office on game days I head to the field and I love that feeling of walking in and seeing everyone involved cheering on the team.”says Olaya, who accumulates endless anecdotes from day to day with the fans and is a key piece in that mechanism between the club and the number 12 footballer, the one who has been ‘playing’ for Sporting for 118 years.

It takes much less Carla Alvarez, which represents young people who are joining recently. She is a worker in the club store, very sports fan and whenever she can she travels – as she already did before hiring her – to all the trips to support the team away from El Molinón. Starting to be part of the club is being a very rewarding experience. In my life I would have expected it and I am super happy”, Carla acknowledges. Her knowledge is at the service of the fans in the store and her passion for each sporting goods item brings color to the stands that support the team.

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