The aerial game and fouls, the virtues of Bordalás – La Provincia

Another match in LaLiga is presented to the Sports Union in which competitive styles are the opposite of the scripts of their commanders. This Saturday (5:30 p.m., Movistar LaLiga) the second installment of the Bordalas versus Pepper. Of the physical game that prevails in Getafe against the touch football of the Unión Deportiva.

No matter how much the coach of the Madrid team declared himself a Cruyffista in the preview of the match the previous day when Geta faced Barcelona, ​​the numbers do not lie. Their teams, and not only this season, are defined by direct play towards the opposing goals and if the rival rhythm can be stopped with fouls, there is no doubt.

The evolution in attack through possession, that source that Cruyff established at Barça and from which García Pimienta draws, is a path that Bordalás is not convinced of. He is more about competing with few passesmany in length and get benefits from the aerial game.

In this way, Las Palmas’ rival this weekend is the penultimate team that concentrates the ball the least. With 43% possession, only Alavés and Cádiz disdain the ball more.

Quite the opposite of the island team, which with 60% are the second ones who keep it in their possession the most, behind Barça, which with Xavi, another disciple of the Cruyffista current and perfected by Guardiola, continues to exercise in the Blaugranas.

In the first round match, Las Palmas made 11 fouls compared to 9 for the Madrid team

A circumstance that Las Palmas implemented in the first round clash against Getafe, in which the possession score reached 71%-29% and which helped the yellows win 2-0 with goals from Araujo with a header and Cristian Herrera.

Viruses against

He gave him his medicine December 1, the Sports Union to the Madrid teambecause with the goal from the Mexican full-back arriving on the run from the defensive zone, he finished off a cross from Kirian with his head to open the scoring in the 43rd minute.

Goal scoring dose in which Getafe is the master of First divisionbecause of the 33 goals he has scored in the 26 days played, 15 of them have come after a header.

Only Borja Mayoral with five goals in this regard gathers more celebrations than all the players in the Las Palmas squad, who have seen the goal scored above their neck on four occasions.

John Herzog beat Villarreal after a corner taken by Sandro; Pejiño rdestroyed a center Sergi Cardona to tie the tie in Granada; Alex Suarez he finished off a center as best he could Mark Cardona for the 1-0 against Valencia in the last home victory; and Araujo was the first of the season to score in this way, against the Azulones.

That first day of December, in the game that was expected to be constantly interrupted by fault data that Getafe reflected then, being the one that did the most in LaLiga as it is now, an event occurred that can be described as surprising.

UD being a team that they hardly point out violations –now it is the fourth that does the least with 290; 11 on average per game – against Bordalás’ team he committed two more in the 90 minutes. Eleven were yellow and nine from Madrid.

Of course, at least one of those nine from Geta came out expensive, as Alderete hunted down Enzo Loiodice cwith a tackle at the level of the French midfielder’s calf that resulted in the central defender being sent off.

The Paraguayan defender will not be dressed in shorts this Saturday as he has to complete the warning cycle after seeing the fifth yellow card last day against Barça, just like Djené, who has accumulated 41 fouls so far in the championship.

Mayoral, the one who scores the most with headers with 5 goals; UD, 4, by Araujo, Suárez, Pejiño and Herzog

But if there is a man in charge of interrupting the rivals in the southern Madrid team, it is Juanmi Latasa, who has 2 and a half fouls per game. The fourth most committed in the League.

As already happened in the Gran Canaria Stadium –and as can be seen in the photo of this piece–, The Real Madrid homegrown striker continually pushed the ball out of Coco and Mika and fought high every time the ball was raffled going into the clash.

Because as the statistics of long passes executed in the 26 days of the championship also clearly reflect, the one that uses them the most is… Getafe!

The Azulones’ total reflects 1,946 balls sent through the air in search of a teammate. Which means that in terms of each match at 75 on average. One every minute and 12 seconds. Quite the opposite of Unión Deportiva, which is by far the second to last team that uses long passes the most with 47 on average.

likes to Bordalás progress with long balls, but he hates bringing together combinations. He is the penultimate one who makes the most passes, ahead of Alavés and Cádiz; antagonistic question to Pimienta’s preference, which he maintains with his players, most of them debutants in the category as the third most deployed his game in passing.

And if there is a man who is the king of exchanges in LaLiga, it is none other than Kirian Rodriguezwhich surpasses Aleix García and Kroos in the table and who is also the scoring threat for the goal of David Soria with six goals.

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