Teddy Riner’s Plea for More Olympic Tickets Sparks Controversy

“The champion that I am, with everything I have brought back to the Federation, I have the right to two places (for its competition day, Friday August 2).” These words are those of Teddy Riner, Saturday in the program “Quelle époque” broadcast on France 2.

The multiple world judo champion expressed his dissatisfaction with the number of places he was allocated so his family could watch him fight at the Olympics. These comments caused a lot of reaction. And after the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castera, Stéphane Nomis, president of the French Judo Federation, responded to Teddy Riner in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien.

Stéphane Nomis assumes that everyone has the right to the same number of places

With 550,000 licensees, the French Federation cannot give a free pass as Stéphane Nomis made clear: “With all the affection and respect that I have for Teddy Riner, as for all our champions who, I reminds, are going to collect ten medals in Paris, I cannot let him say what he expressed yesterday in the show ‘Quelle Époque!’, without reacting. We must think of everyone, and of as many people as possible .”

“It is a significant effort for the Federation which comes a long way financially, but the Games must remain a popular celebration accessible to all.”

The French Judo Federation has purchased 7,000 places for judo club volunteers, which justifies the words of Stéphane Nomis. For Teddy Riner, these two places are in addition to the six others that judokas receive by the State and the International Olympic Committee. “On the Judo Federation side, we are offering two more, which will allow athletes to benefit from eight places per session.”

An event that must be enjoyed above all else

“We assume that we will only offer ‘two’ more to the athletes, as Teddy Riner points out, especially since the Federation and the French State are doing a lot for the athletes who have never been so well supported, all levels. And Teddy too,” replies the manager again.

Six places are made available by the ministry and the IOC and two places paid for by the judo federation. Which represents a fairly significant amount. This exit from Teddy Riner was not understood by everyone in high places. At a time when several topics are flourishing on athletes who are fighting to qualify for the Games or who are launching prize pools, this outing has struck a chord. The Minister of Sports therefore responded very quickly via Twitter. Some federations do not have the means to pay extra places for their athletes. The judo federation is one which is implementing this initiative.

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2024-02-26 01:23:38
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