Struggling Atlético Nacional suffers defeat and coach remains under scrutiny

Atlético Nacional is not experiencing its best present in Liga BetPlay 2024-I and once again they added a defeat, this time against Deportivo Cali 3-2 in Palmaseca, a result that leaves them out of the eight.

The results have not accompanied the purslane team and coach Jhon Bodmer has been the focus of criticism, but despite the defeat, the helmsman made it clear in a press conference that he will remain in office and is supported by the directors.

On his continuity: “I stayed on the bench reflecting because the group played a good game. I look at the numbers, the options, shots and how much we stepped into the area, I saw that we played a good game. The numbers don’t lie, we have to see where we can improve.”

He has support: “The managers have shown me support and for now I am in Nacional. We played a great game, it was lost due to details, but the numbers of shots, possession and arrivals are very good. We were always at the front.

The good thing about Nacional: “I believe in everyone’s hierarchy, I also wonder what happens if we have good numbers in the development of the game, but I don’t have the answer.”

Definition problems: “I don’t think it’s inexperience, if we are fine the story would be different. We are a team that is going ahead, we have failed to finish in the last games.”

2024-02-17 04:30:00
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