Stefanos Tsitsipas Offers Support to Hurricane-Devastated Acapulco by Donating $1,000 per Ace

Stefanos is a humanist and even though he is a tennis champion, he is curious about everything. We know that Acapulco was devastated after a hurricane hit in October. Speaking from his heart, Stefanos decided to make a concrete gesture to help with the reconstruction.

” I was surprised. I didn’t expect the city to be in such a state. There are many things, many ruins and many unexpected images that I have witnessed and seen. I only realized now that I could see how bad the situation was and it’s really unfortunate what happened here. I hope that with tennis we can support and do our best for the municipality and the city to bring people together, raise money and play for a good cause.”

Stefanos will even put his hand in his pocket by paying 1000 dollars on each ace he achieves.

2024-02-27 10:29:12
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