Stefanos Tsitsipas: Dreaming Big and Chasing Grand Slam Glory

Stefanos Tsitsipas dreams big. He does not hide his greatest ambitions, he verbalizes them and insists: he is not going to stop working until he reaches them. Despite not experiencing his best moments on the court, the Greek tennis player faces 2024 with big goals in mind… among them, of course, winning a Grand Slam.

The crash before Taylor Fritz in the past Open the Australia 2024 It doesn’t seem to have made a dent in the head of Stefanos Tsitsipas. Quite the opposite: it has served as an incentive and motivation to continue working, improving and getting closer to their great objectives. The Greek was one win away from de Minaur from leaving the top-10, but maintains his privileged position in the ranking at a time when the best version of him seems far away. Even so, in statements to public television in his country, the Athenian tennis player leaves no room for doubt: this 2024 is aiming high. My goal this year is to win a Grand Slam and an Olympic medal. It means a lot to me. Competing alongside Petros, my brother, in the Olympic Games in Paris is one of the dreams of my lifeStefanos pointed out bluntly.

That bond is strengthened in weeks like the current one, in which the Greek faces a Group II eliminator of Davis cup at home. They will face Romania with the invaluable collaboration and company of a Petros Tsitsipas with whom he already won an ATP title (Antwerp, last year) and with whom he gets along better every day on a tennis court. “What makes us very strong together, as a couple, is that Stefanos is a super athlete and I, for my part, am a player who has very good vision on the court”noted Petros, an increasingly common face on the circuit in the doubles category.


Another absolutely capital element for Stefanos is his padre. It seems that Greek is increasingly reaffirming itself in the presence of the apostles on his bench, to whom he has a very special bond and towards whom he is full of praise at every opportunity to speak to the media. “My father and I have always had tennis as an element in common, it was something of ours, that we have always shared. When he’s not with me, I feel like a part of my identity as a player is lost.. On different occasions in the past, he wasn’t with me and I felt like he was half the player. Sometimes I don’t speak too highly of him, but he’s the only person who understands me, and that’s part of the job. The good thing is that we can separate the role as a father from the role as a coach.”Stefanos pointed out.

Apostolos, for his part, spoke clearly about his relationship with his son: “I think being a good father is very important, giving him the right advice. Regarding the aspect as a coach, we have evolved over the years. We have learned to overcome difficulties and adversities,” at the same time that he sent a kind of warning to the competition regarding the Stefanos-Petros duo in Paris: “The relationship between them is getting stronger, especially now that they can play together. They want to achieve things that they have dreamed of and I think that they are on the right path“.

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